• minimal acoustique (first listening of tag)

    7 Apr 2011, 18:55 by Erkan-Yilmaz

    result: I found the offered music at good and varying, some had interesting ideas to use different media as instruments

    some specific remarks to the listened songs:
    diabetic socks: was different than the previous ones, and so needed a little adaptation at begin
    quendus: his coughing was unexpected and disturbed also :-) and then I waited for actually some music, but seems he recorded some daily sounds from cooking? ;-)
    lowfrequency: I thought of delphins + whales
    zapa: somehow the song did not fit, in another order would be nice
    studio typewriter: perhaps better in a shorter version?
    Trader Horne: I don't know why but I was reminded of Scarborough Fair

    songs were (1):

    Islaja – Emoa ikävä
    Stalemar & Perculators – Shoeshine idyll rain
    Gwendal – Rue Du Petit Musc
    White Rainbow – Chant, Children, Chant, Island Festival Traditional Walking Song
    Abigail Politely Decided – the doorbell a missed call and a text
    Llorenç Balsach – Music Lessons on the Farm: Gallus, Crow, Dogs, Pigs, Ducks and Cats