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There are six bands with this name:

(1) LORD is a hard rock band formed in 1972 in Szombathely, Hungary.
(2) Lord is a black metal band formed in 1993 in France.
(3) LORD is a power/heavy metal band formed in 2003 in Wollongong, Australia.
(4) Lord is an mc/lyricist from Estonia.
(5) Lord is a sludge/stoner metal band from Fredricksburg, Virginia founded in 1990.
(6) LORD is an instrumental rock/prog band from Portland, Oregon.
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(1) LORD is a hard rock band formed in 1972, Szombathely, Hungary. They are considered pioneers of the heavy metal scene in Hungary and retain a strong following to this day.

Current lineup:
Mihály Pohl - Vocals
Attila Erős - Guitar
Károly Apró - Bass
Lajos Gyurik - Drums
Attila Gidófalvy - Keyboards

Official website - http://www.lordzenekar.hu/

(2) Lord is a black metal band formed in 1994, France.

Current lineup:
Lord Charon - Bass, Vocals
Countess Hoggsogoth - Guitar, Keyboards (until 2002)
Armageddon - Drums
Wörgen - Guitar

Official website - http://lord.blackmetal.online.fr/
MySpace - http://myspace.com/lordblackmetal

(3) LORD is a heavy metal band based in Wollongong, Australia. It is a continuation of the band Dungeon performing under a new name.

Current lineup:
Tim Grose - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (2003 - )
Andrew Dowling - Bass, Backing Vocals (2005 - )
Damian Costas - Drums, Backing Vocals (2009 - )
Mark Furtner - Guitar, Backing Vocals (2007 - )
Matt Bell - Guitar (Live only, 2010 - )

Official website - www.lord.net.au
MySpace - www.myspace.com/lordaus
Metal-Archives - http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=10309

(4) Lord is an mc/lyricist from Estonia, who's been writing and rapping (in estonian) since 2004 (or smth). Real name Mart Rauba, born on July 14'th, 1987 in Võsu. In local scene, he's mainly known for rapping in Öökülm. He got his first release in 2007 (RLV Massive - "Mõistatuslikud Tegelased" (Lejal Genes)). It was shortly followed by the debut album of Öökülm. Lord is also a member of TMF (with MC Napoleon and DJ DeCore) and Sangbongkõss (trash-metal-rap group that you will hear in the near future).

Lord - www.myspace.com/lordtunes
Öökülm - www.myspace.com/88kylm
TMF - www.myspace.com/tmfeesti

(5) Lord is a stoner metal/sludge band from Fredricksburg, Virginia. Though they have been around since 1990, due to various other band commitments and life in general getting in the way, the band has only two releases to date: the "Under the Sign of the Maker's Mark" demo, released in 2006, and a split release with The Fire Faithful called "Refuge for the Recluse" released in 2010.

(6) Formed in 2010, LORD is a loud trio from Portland, Oregon, with a fondness for fret fingering. Inspired by instrumental works from groups like King Crimson, Krallice, and The Cancer Conspiracy, their sequentially titled 7 song debut "I" presents half an hour of cascading guitars, rattling bass lines, and anxious, algorithmic rhythms. Balancing their tendency toward heaviness with interludes that are occasionally curious, occasionally sentimental, and occasionally academic, the group creates complex music that is equal parts catharsis and exploratory étude. With a dose of DIY and some consequent rough edges, LORD sounds like what Robert Fripp might sound like if he was his own, angry younger brother.

Official website - http://www.lordlordlord.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/lordband

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