• Punk Sax

    6 Sep 2008, 07:31 by larrybob

    When people think about punk rock, it generally seems to be that the instrumental emphasis is on guitar / bass / drum bands. Sax seems to be the exception. But there are plenty of punk bands that incorporate sax. It's not played in a wimpy Kenny G. sort of way. It's raucous, screeching, and the emotions it invokes are more on the rage end of the scale.

    Maybe the genesis of it is the sax of Steve Mackay on The Stooges album Fun House. He also later played with Violent Femmes.

    Lora Logic is probably the best known punk saxophonist. She got her start with X Ray Spex, then had her own band Essential Logic. She also played with The Red Krayola on the album Kangaroo? among other releases.

    Now from the somewhat familiar into the obscure. Oil Tasters were a sax / bass / drums trio from Wisconsin. That's right, no guitar. With sarcastic vocals declaiming "You Can Do That In Your Room" they certainly were in your face. Henry Rollins had plans to re-release their record on his…