• Hi Last.FM!

    9 Dec 2010, 19:48 by WhackedTollie

    I hijacked my mom's computer for awhile in the guise of some kind of mixture of "it's almost finals!" with "no ASL class today!" and "I'm writing my play." The third is actually sort of true since (some) of what I've been doing on the computer the last 5 hours or so, counting last night before bed, was spent dling some records I wanted/had saved to my mediafire folder in case my computer went kaput (which, turns out, it did! tada) and/or I couldn't find the CDs (which I can't... tada >_>). The purpose of doing this, OF COURSE, was to make a playlist to get me in the mood for writing my new (mostly-not-a-musical!) play, Super Fun with Doug & Lenora, about roommates/friends Doug and Lenora (surprise!) who write a comic book about zombie hamburger apocalypse. That's the thing about writing stuff that isn't a musical -- you can listen to music that isn't a musical while you're doing it! ^^ But of course, the first track on this playlist is from a musical, even if it's just from the credits.