23 Jan 2009, 21:02 by steerpike

    Thu 22 Jan – Netmage Festival

    With the best will in the world, the sight of three individuals standing in a row behind a stew of wires and gadgets is not the most compelling visual experience. Yet when those three individuals happen to be at the cutting edge of underground noise-electronica its worth paying attention to the sound they create. On stage, they were, from left to right, John Wiese, Pete Swanson and Liz Harris. John Wiese is a mainstay of the LA scene and occasional member of Sunn 0))), Pete Swanson was one half of the sublime Yellow Swans duo while Liz Harris is the artist still currently known as Grouper.

    They performed a single improvised piece for around half an hour which developed into a dense mass of impenetrable noise before gradually evolving into something gentler. A babble of jumbled voices added a human dimension and when Liz Harris took up a microphone I thought she was going to add her otherworldly vocals to the mix but sadly that didn't happen.