• Finally a show wasn't sold out

    17 Apr 2007, 17:12 by m0nkyman

    Mon 16 Apr – Econoline Crush at the Starlite room. Local opening act Living Illusion gave me the impression that they listened to a lot of Tool growing up. Decent band, but they need a bit more experience getting a crowd going.

    Vancouver band The Art of Dying were up next, and they did a pretty good set. A bit more metal than I personally like, but they put on a good show. High energy, and they did get the crowd moving.

    Econoline Crush of course got the crowd really moving, with at least one burst of slam dancing. Not half bad for a Monday evening.

    It was my first venture into the Starlite room. Talk about an underfunded place. The owner needs to spend a couple of bucks fixing that place up.