• Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard

    20 Oct 2006, 16:48 by boobookittyfcuk

    I understand why my wasn't updating. Because I still had audioscrobbler on ... and not the new one. DOH.

    Anyhoo ... I've been a good girl and not bought anything this week, although I'm currently downloading The Silver Treeby Lisa Gerrard from emusic. You cannot believe how much I love her voice. Ever since I first heard Dead Can Dance I've been addicted.
    It was all down to someone sending me a tape in response to a penpal ad I'd put in the Depeche Mode fanclub magazine (this was in the years before the internet, when we relied on snail mail to connect around the world!) A guy sent me a letter, and in that letter was a compilation tape. No track listings or anything. I found out later it was Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil.
    The day after I got the tape I went on an end of GCSEs water sports holiday to the South of France. On the journey down, all I listened to was that tape, and counterfeit ep by Martin L Gore.