• Diary #1

    3 May 2014, 18:48 by Hermes_Thoth

    Diary #1

    Here I'll paint happy little thoughts about happy little songs, and in the corner there I'll add some happy little links and that will be our secret, ok?

    Artist - Chelsea Wolfe

    This week I discovered LA artist Chelsea Wolfe and I was instantly hooked on Pain is Beauty (2013). Based on the album cover, I expected something gothy, but I was pleasantly surprised by the eccentric stripped-down rock/electronic soundscapes and the haunting vocals. The minimalistic approach to music, which evokes raw and deep feelings, becomes more subtle once a brooding progression unfolds, breaking the straightforward blinding black & white motif into thousands of nuanced shards. The resulting kaleidoscope is ominous, beautiful, sometimes chaotic, but always powerful and heavy. It leaves you wanting for more, it is the beginning of an endless journey, and once a song finishes, it is up to you to build the rest of the broken bridge towards an ethereal destination. …
  • Обзор №486: Erland and the Carnival, Holy Other, Ziggy Marley и Shannon Wright

    20 Aug 2011, 15:13 by zarezan

    Ziggy Marley «Wild and Free» © 2011

    Сын Великого Боба, ненадолго предавшись воспоминаниям о детстве в компании братьев и сестер, записал свежий и добротный альбом «Wild And Free». В первой же и явно не самой лучшей песне автору подпевает актёр Woody Harrelson. Дальше интереснее. Известно, что Зигги не замыкается на регги в чистом виде, он часто использует блюз и старается придать своим солнечным интонациям отстраненно-холодный оттенок. Вот и здесь мне больше всего понравились его размышления о том, что перемены назрели, и где на самом деле место человека. Пустые пространства с тревожно вступающей гитарой, невесть откуда взявшимся фламенко и осторожными, приглушенными подпевками не дают риддиму главенствовать и убеждают, что даже на ямайское солнце могут наползти тучи. Кроме Вуди Харрельсона в записи диска приняли участия Daniel Marley и написавшая одну из песен Linda Perry.

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  • The Vessalis Music Awards 2010 Including My #1 Album Of The Year

    2 Jan 2011, 16:46 by CvaldaVessalis

    OK, so at least a day late, but hey, you can't hold me to that. Been an exceptionally busy New Year's holiday for me this year, and I can be forgiven for having myself a little fun, right? ;)

    But enough lollygagging, welcome to my putting a cap on 2010 music-wise; it's been one heck of an exciting year for music in general, with every single album in my Top 100 earning at least one five-star rating for one of their songs. It has been rather emotional to let go of a few releases, to say the least, but needs be... But before I get down to revealing the Best Of The Best, just a little breakdown for my genre awards:

    Best Alternative Album Of The Year
    Penny Sparkle by Blonde Redhead

    Best Dance Album Of The Year
    This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem

    Best Electronic Album Of The Year
    Into the Great Wide Yonder by Trentemøller

    Best Folk Album Of The Year
    Have One on Me by Joanna Newsom

    Best Hip Hop/Rap Album Of The Year
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

    Best Pop Album Of The Year
  • [album artist=Christina Aguilera]Bionic[/album] My review

    27 May 2010, 19:42 by Olrox

    Hey there. Well as many fans of X-tina must know, the album already leaked, I just found out earlier this morning, just got it and now I'll make a little review of the super expected album! (I'm still buying it when it comes out, please do not support piracy!)

    Ok... I'll describe each of the 18 songs in very few words (all are personal opinions)

    1. Bionic: At first it blow you away and it's like "woah, this is what I wanted" when after a few seconds (in the chorus) is like... Ok, what's next? ... and that something never comes. 3/5

    2. Not myself tonight: Probably the best choice as the first single, shows the "new style" and shows her "amazing voice" and it's the only track that combine both characteristics... It's pretty good and I really love it. 5/5

    3. Woohoo: Secong single? It's not so "singleable" it's good, very good I must say, interesting feature with Minaj and nice rhtyms but... there are better songs... 4/5
  • Review #17: Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape (2006) [Portuguese]

    27 Dec 2009, 17:02 by RaulRoque
    The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
    "'Tell me boy now: wouldn’t that be sweet?' - Eh... Maybe!?"
    Detalhes do Álbum:

    Nome/Músico: Gwen Stefani
    Nome/Álbum: The Sweet Escape
    Lançado: 5 de Dezembro de 2006
    Gênero: Rock/Pop
    Duração: 47:46
    Gravadora: Interscope
    Produtores: Akon; Giorgio Tuinfort; Nellee Hooper; Sean Garrett; Swizz Beatz; The Neptunes; Tim Rice-Oxley; Tony Kanal

    Gwen Stefani, natural da Califónia, Estados Unidos, começou sua carreira em 1992 com o grupo No Doubt, sua primeira genuína experiência no mundo da música. Custou tempo para a banda constituir seu primeiro tento comercial que veio apenas com o terceiro álbum, Tragic Kingdom, e as faixas Just a Girl, Don't Speak e Sunday Morning. O ska, punk e rock alternativo eram alguns dos elementos semeados em maior proporção nas suas gravações iniciais. O quarto álbum, Return of Saturn, não foi capaz de atingir o mesmo sucesso do anterior…
  • Jamie Lynn Noon Releases 'A Moment To Break'

    20 Feb 2009, 20:33 by musicdish

    "I want to run to the edge/Throw caution to the wind/Part of life is risking it all."

    With that powerful chorus from the driving "Second of a Spark," multi-talented singer-songwriter Jamie Lynn Noon announces her stunning arrival with her debut EP, A Moment to Break. The 22-year-old California Bay Area native, who cannot recall a time when music was not a part of her life, is in line with contemporaries like Chantal Kreviazuk, Chrissie Hynde and Linda Perry - a gifted artist in her own right, yet one whose songs are natural fits for other prominent performers. And with A Moment to Break (to be released January 27, 2009 on Internet digital download retail sites worldwide), Jamie showcases the best of her vast catalogue of hook-laden, irresistibly catchy songs.

    Co-produced by Jamie and film/television music veteran and producer Kevin Harris and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Brian Gardner (No Doubt/Christina Aguilera/Avril Lavigne)…
  • the 2008 Video Music Awards: oh the bullshittery

    8 Sep 2008, 16:31 by pulloverpanda

    So the VMAs were mostly a total flop this year, in my opinion, but then again, who cares? Who really fucking cares about the VMAs anymore? But I digress...

    The host, Russell Brand, was, in my friend Manuel's words "the saving grace". Brought over from the UK in a no doubt attempt to inject a little vitality into a dead and obsolete award ceremony, he did his job.

    From what I hear he's done the VMAs before, in the UK, and actually got fired because of some sort of shenanigans (we can only guess, but my guess is it had something to do with his cock). His jokes were funnier and more daring, and the way he went after The Jonas Brothers was playful and punctual (suffice to say, they weren't happy) and he dealt with Jordan Sparks' little uninspired quip nicely. And then Perez at the end getting all high and mighty about not liking Russell and loving the Jonas Brothers. SOMEBODY TELL ME ONE MORE TIME WHY PEREZ WAS EVEN INVITED?! And am I the only one who has noticed that…
  • The worst songs EVER

    4 Sep 2008, 14:03 by Richaod

    Apologies to my single-digit readership for not updating in a few months... but circumstances (procrastination, school, the need to make all blogs a substantial length, the rise and fall of the planned Phoenix Wright: The Musical publicity release and MICHAEL FUCKING HAMMOND) prolonged my absence. I have another mega-blog in the works, but right now I feel inspired to finally complete my ever-growing list of worst songs ever.

    Some blogger dude on some website (might've been Roger Ebert, or PopMatters) recently pointed out that the true worst movies ever aren't the lowest-common-denominator ones - the Snakes on a Planes, Soul Planes, Epic/Date/Superhero Movies of the world, or anything involving Paris Hilton or Uwe Boll. Unless you're utterly deluded, you shouldn't actually expect anything of them, and even if you do spend your money or bandwidth, at least they're forgettable. On the other hand, the movies that people do expect something from, but are absolute…
  • This Day in Music - 4/15

    15 Apr 2008, 12:52 by ThadEnouf

    1894 - Born on this day, Bessie Smith, US blues singer, 'Empress Of The Blues'. Songs include, 'Downhearted Blues', 'St Louis Blues', and 'Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out'. Died in a car accident on 26th September.

    1940 - Born on this day, Clarence Satchell, The Ohio Players. He died on 30th December 1995.

    1944 - Born on this day, Dave Edmunds, guitar, vocals, producer, Love Sculpture, solo. Member of Rockpile.

    1964 - The Beatles filmed outside shots at the Scala Theatre in Tottenham Street London for their forthcoming movie ‘A Hard Day's Night.'

    1965 - Born on this day, Linda Perry, songwriter, producer, singer, 4 Non Blondes. Wrote ‘Beautiful’ for Christina Aguilera, plus Jewel, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Sugababes, Robbie Williams, Melissa Etheridge, Gavin Rossdale have all recorded her songs.

    1966 - Born on this day, Samantha Fox, former model, singer.

    1966 - Appearing live at the Blackpool Odeon, Jimi Hendrix, The Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdink, tickets 5 and 10 shillings, ($0. …
  • Unwritten Law

    23 Mar 2008, 19:01 by fiona_adam

    I wanted to write about Unwritten Law without mention of Aimee, but I think it won't work this way :)

    When I heard Scott Russo for the first tine in the "Scott & Aimee" project I instantly thought that I want to listen to his band Unwritten Law. What got me the most is his voice. I was listening to songs I even didn't like much, but I was really enjoying his voice. I was listening attentively and enjoying, I was ignoring loud tunes and catching tunes of his voice. Probably there is a word in English what could describe it, but I can't find it in Russian. I don't have a right to compare to someone else and in any case I won't be true-to-life. In the very beginning I thought that his voice got revised in the studio, but when I saw a live performance it proved me that he really has this kind of voice. It's hard to explain why I adored his voice that much when after many times of listening you get used to it…