• Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

    5 Nov 2006, 21:52 by indigo_jones

    That was the name of a mix tape that my first boyfriend made for me. It was an awesome mix and one that I've been trying to recreate for a while (since the tape died on me).

    I've managed to track down most of the songs, but I'm missing a couple. What is missing at this point is:
    Ism's cover of I Think I Love You
    The Connells' "I Suppose"
    Adolescents' "Takin' You Outta My Pill Box"
    The Leather Nun's "For the Love of Your Eyes"
    The Lemonheads' "Hate Your Friends"
    Lime Spiders' "My Favorite Room" (got it!)
    Adrenaline O.D.'s "Me Three Bunch"
    Gay Cowboys in Bondage's "Domestic Battlefield" (got it!).


    Technically, I have the Connells song, but it's on vinyl and I'm trying to get everything in mp3 format so I can burn a new mix to CD.
  • Down under

    19 Jan 2006, 13:40 by tsido

    I got hit by a nostalgia bug while reading some journal entries here and started googling and searching for the artist of an old tune I heard years ago on Räkärodeo, the radio show that pretty much defined my musical tastes for years to come.

    Anyway, the song: 2001. Googling led me to Citadel records mail order site, a refreshingly down to earth online shop after the faceless Play and Amazons that only send you automated messages that you couldn't care less about. This place was actually run by a real person, these days that's a big plus side in my book.

    And now, only a week later I'm blasting old rodeo favorites; DM3, Radio Birdman and The Monarchs. Those (and many others, that I can't remember right now) Aussie bands that were only played on Räkärodeo and were a pain to get from your local record store 10 years ago. I definitely gotta do another excursion to Citadel's vaults soon. Next stop Lime Spiders?