• My next 2 favourite Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour: BIRDS & MORE BIRDS

    22 May 2009, 15:37 by BlackCoffeeDuck

    I wrote a journal about Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan not that long ago with the themes Coffee and Dogs which both were season one episodes. Coffee episode was one of the first being episode 5 which was first aired on May 31, 2006 and Dogs was episode 16 first aired on August 16, 2006. Season one had 50 episodes but we are up to season 3. With the theme episode Goodbye on April 15, 2009 which was the 100th original episode. It is unknown whether Theme Time Radio Hour will continue into a Season 4 but Dylan himself, during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine implied that his contract had ended. No official announcement about the show's future has been made at this time.

    The new Bob Dylan album Together Through Life which is a cool album. I might have to listen a few more times. The bonus disc is the Friends & Neighbors episode but you can hear the Theme Time Radio Hour songs rubbing off on his new songs. I hope they official released all 100 episodes (somewhere or sometime). …