• Top 10... thing.

    25 Nov 2006, 19:02 by ookyshpooky

    Name your top ten artists on
    01. Oasis
    02. Pearl Jam
    03. The Smiths
    04. Elliott Smith
    05. Klaus Nomi
    06. Voltaire
    07. The Beatles
    08. John Lennon
    09. Morrissey
    10. David Bowie

    How many times have you listened to number one?
    2,802... not counting iPod plays... then the number would be endless.

    Is this your favorite band?
    But of course =) well, one-of anyway.

    What got you into number one?
    I'd always liked Oasis since I heard "Champagne Supernova" when I was a kid... but I never really owned their albums or anything until Jen couldn't stop listening to them... and then we both became obsessed.

    Why the hell have you listened to that so much?
    Because Noel Gallagher is god... he's just so brilliant.

    Favorite songs of number one:
    "Don't Look Back In Anger" "Talk Tonight" "Importance of Being Idle" "Gas Panic!" "Wonderwall" "Champagne Supernova" ...this could go one forever. They are seriously brilliant.