• Prog Acts by Popularity: Average Plays Per Listener

    8 May 2011, 17:03 by Mark_H

    This chart shows Prog Rock acts sorted by average plays per listener. An attempt has been made to ensure that the chart is clean of acts that have a minority of listeners who artificially inflate the average play number, but as that task is essentially impossible, take this chart with a large pinch of salt.

    Charts:LastFM Popularity|position changes|most played|new listeners|average play gains

    1. (new) 541921 Porcupine Tree (Heavy Prog) (84.41)
    2. (new) 100378 Аквариум (Prog Folk) (53.15)
    3. (new) 836086 The Mars Volta (Heavy Prog) (41.60)
    4. (new) 1076918 The Decemberists (Prog Folk) (40.38)
    5. (new) 68516 Karnivool (Heavy Prog) (38.96)
    6. (new) 513477 Frank Zappa (Avant-Prog) (38.89)
    7. (new) 333097 King Crimson (Eclectic Prog) (38.79)
    8. (new) 256825 Blackmore's Night (Prog Folk) (36.67)
    9. (new) 281438 Ska-P (Neo-Prog Rock) (36.55)
  • Marek Danko : Lucas mal znovu Perný deň…(recenzia)

    25 Sep 2010, 13:34 by cojevlastnenorm

    Kto je to Lucas Perny? Dozviete sa v tomto článku.
    Bicie nástroje majú pôvod v ďalekej histórii a boli využívané hlavne pre kultové účely. Pre mňa osobne vždy predstavovali hudobný nástroj rituálneho charakteru. Zvuky úderov, rytmické finesy a neuchopiteľná energia, ktorá sa z nich dá vytrieskať, dokážu navodiť posvätnú atmosféru.

    Šamanské praktiky v 20. storočí pretavili rockoví bubeníci do umenia, aké sa hneď tak nevidí. Chápem, že veľa ľudí ich sóla nemá príliš v láske a označujú ich za samoúčelné a nudné. Podľa môjho názoru je to pravé okorenenie hudby a hneď po klávesových exhibíciách predstavujú neopakovateľný zážitok každého albumu či koncertu. Dokonca ich vo svojom rebríčku staviam pred gitarové sóla, ktoré sú u mňa až na štvrtom mieste (tretie obsadila basgitara).

    Budem rád, ak niekto opraví doposiaľ zaužívaný názor o tom, že prvé bubenícke sólo na albume predviedol Ginger Baker z kapely Cream (skladba „Toad“…
  • Earl Klugh concert review

    31 Dec 2008, 23:17 by spiritdatatree

    by W3.0

    Grammy award winner Earl Klugh and band were on fire Saturday night in Boston under a full moon at Sculler's Jazz Club. In concert, Earl played the track "SNAP" and other remarkable songs from his new album.

    His latest Spice of Life album.

    The spontaneous large crowd in attendance followed every note he played. His set contained old and new music. Earl Klugh has sold millions of records during his career and topped BillBoard Charts several times as a jazz artist. Backing him was the best band ensemble that can shadow a musician as good as Earl Klugh and bring game to the table as well.

    There wasAl Duncan adding textures on keys. Bassist Al Turner brought game with his two bass guitars: he has played for Pattie Labelle, Arthea Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Burt Bachrach and others.

    Mr. "Funk That" David Lee, on keyboard, who collaborated with Parliment Funkadelicon their hit song Atomic Dog, brought his 30 years of experience. …
  • Funky bits, fucking bits

    15 Aug 2008, 09:57 by necrotigr

    The Jazz Times Superband - говно
    Несмотря на кучу заявленных участников, звучание крайне посредственное, напоминает smooth jazz. Последний раз подобные впечатления у меня были от Stan Getza
    Julian Cannonball Adderley - хорошо!
    Отличный саксофонист! Яркие интересные темы, разнообразные фишки в звучании, ансамбль подобран очень неплохой - лидер никого не заглушает. И всё это - только на одном альбоме! Надо обратить пристальное внимание на работы этого саксофониста.
    Jazz Rock Planet - неплохо
    Альбом, по-видимому, составлен Жан-Люком Понти. Вошли туда все звёзды, типа Эл Ди Меолы, но в целом получилось достаточно скучно. Собственны, работы Понти - самые свежие, сочные на этом альбоме. Надо бы его тоже послушать
    McLaughlin John - хорошо!
    Последний альбом этого крэйзанутого гитариста Floating Point (2008) названием напоминает нечто компьютерное :) Но на звучание это, слава Богу, не отразилось, электронщины нет. Альбом получился очень быстрым…
  • Concert #198 - Return to Forever - August 7, 2008

    8 Aug 2008, 07:37 by Rifugium

    Return to Forever at the United Palace Theater, NYC.

    Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy
    Vulcan Worlds
    Intro by Kareem Abdul-Jabar
    No Mystery > Di Meola solo > No Mystery
    Romantic Warrior > Corea solo > RW > Clarke solo > RW > White solo > RW
    Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant

    Return to Forever is:
    Chick Corea - keys
    Stanley Clarke - bass
    Al Di Meola - guitar
    Lenny White - drums

    Thu 7 Aug – Return to Forever, Chick Corea
  • Concert #184 - Miles from India - May 9, 2008

    10 May 2008, 05:41 by Rifugium

    Miles from India: A Celebration of the Music of Miles Davis, at Town Hall in NYC, NY.

    Shounak Abhisheki - Indian vocal
    Gino Banks - Indian percussion
    Louiz Banks - keyboards/arrangements
    Ron Carter - acoustic bass
    Pete Cosey - guitar
    Adam Holzman - keyboards
    Vijay Iyer - acoustic piano
    Anantha Krishnan - mridangam/khanjira
    K.V. Mahabala - sitar
    Rudresh Mahanthappa - saxophone
    Kala Ramnath - carnatic violin
    Benny Rietveld - electric bass
    Wallace Roney - trumpet
    Badal Roy - tabla
    Lenny White - drums
    Bob Belden - conductor/arranger

    So What
    Blue in Green
    All Blues
    Spanish Key
    Miles Runs the Voodoo Down
    In a Silent Way/It's About That Time
    Jean Pierre

    Fri 9 May – Miles from India
  • Shows

    11 Aug 2007, 23:54 by BerkMolla

    21/06/04, Amsterdam Arena
    - Supporting Metallica
    - Supporting Metallica


    21/06/05, Ahoy Rotterdam
    80's matchbox b-line disaster
    - Supporting System of A Down
    System of a Down

    12/07/05, Paradiso Grote Zaal
    The Faint
    - Supporting Bright Eyes
    Bright Eyes

    12/09/05, Paradiso Grote Zaal
    Johnathan Rice
    - Supporting Wilco

    03/10/05, Patronaat
    - Supporting Arch Enemy
    Arch Enemy

    25/10/05, Melkweg The Max
    Joe Purdy
    - Supporting Tom McRae
    Tom McRae

    Sertab Erener(Yes she rocks)

    16/02/06, De Boerderij
    Damian Wilson
    - Supporting Stream Of Passion/Ayreon
    Stream of Passion

    09/04/06, Paradiso Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam

    09/05/06, Heineken Music Hall
    Willy Mason
    - Supporting Radiohead

    09/06/06, Patronaat
    - Supporting Epica

    22/06/06, Paard Van Troje
    - Supporting Stream of Passion
    Stream of Passion

    25/06/06, Zuiderpark
  • Not Tilt

    18 Mar 2007, 06:19 by RocketShipX41

    Arti & Mestieri - Quinto Stato (1979)

    Artie E Mestieri is mainly known as one of Italy's most prominent jazz-fusion bands, though this album finds them dabbling a bit with somewhat more rock-oriented vocal tunes. I'm reminded of Premiata Forneria Marconi's Jet Lag, though of course PFM approached this territory from the other side of the fence. I'm reminded that many American and British fusion acts of the time also dabbled in vocal tunes (Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, Brand X, and so on). The instrumental performances are first rate, with the expected flair from drummer Furio Chirico, and at times the music approaches the best this band offered on their classic Tilt (1974). A worthy effort, not their best, but certainly not their worst. 10/15.
  • Top 10 Favorite Drummers by General Genre: Early Fusion (1965-1985)

    3 May 2006, 01:05 by GreatGigInSky

    1) Jack DeJohnette with John Abercrombie, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny
    2) Vinnie Colaiuta with Frank Zappa
    3) Tony Williams with Miles Davis, Tony Williams Lifetime, and Jan Hammer
    4) Billy Cobham with Miles Davis and The Mahavishnu Orchestra, along with his solo work.
    5) Steve Gadd of Steely Dan and Chick Corea
    6) Peter Erskine with John Abercrombie and Weather Report
    7) Lenny White with Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, and Return to Forever
    8) Omar Hakim with Weather Report and Miles Davis
    9) Harvey Mason with Herbie Hancock
    10) Simon Phillips with Stanley Clarke

    Honorable mention to Airto Moreira; I tried to reserve this list for drum set players only, but Airto has given a lot to the world of fusion as far as percussion, and I feel he should be mentioned.
  • Miles Davis

    8 Apr 2006, 19:54 by GreatGigInSky

    I should precede this by saying that I wrote this in response to something posted in one of my other journals about not being drawn to Miles Davis. There are a lot off critics of Miles out there, but I think that they have the wrong idea about what his music represents as a whole. To study the career of Miles Davis is to study the history of jazz itself from the 1940's to 1991.

    The draw to Miles Davis, I think, comes from doing a lot of research on jazz. He's also a great artist to listen to you if you're just getting into jazz, as his music covers such a wide spectrum of styles. But research definitely enhances this. Over the last year and a half, I have had entire classes dedicated to Miles Davis and analyzing and criticizing his music, and he has at least been mentioned in every class I have. Many people,I find, make the point that his technical ability is nothing compared to other jazz artists on their respective instruments. …