• Left Limb Stef soils Last.fm server space with DIY anti-folk.

    5 Apr 2010, 08:54 by leftlimbstef

    Belgium’s most critically acclaimed kitchen table recording artist, Left Limb Stef(member of the equally unknown “The Left Limbs”) shares his quirky songs for free via Last.fm. Feel free to download and virally market his first album “Sweet Maggie”.
  • Belgium spawns anti-folk wannabe "Left Limb Stef"

    23 Jun 2009, 16:45 by leftlimbstef

    After years of touring with Belgium's most infamous folkband (which will remain anonymous for the obvious reason that it's infamous) one of the members decided to call himself Left Limb Stef and soil last.fm with his own bedroomrecordings in a different style. Just to have something to do in his spare time.

    Left Limb Stef has a very short attention span so most songs are written, recorded and uploaded within a quarter of an hour. The result has been described as freak folk, diy, lo-fi, alt.country and all kinds of genres the not-so-trendy Left Limb Stef had never heard of before.

    But anyway... if you want to hear some authentic (as in he was too lazy to record a second take without mistakes) songs, check out Antwerps newest anti-folk sensation Left Limb Stef.

    Left Limb Stef is also part of The Left Limbs, where he is joined by Belgium's godfather of improvised acoustic weirdness Tombleweed.

    Well, this shameless piece of commercial banter stops here.