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Now my ears have awoken after 54 yrs.Sumthang NEW…
Reviewer: Dino Ray 7A…
Been in a cave since 1964.Heard a noise so fresh.Stuck my head out and LED fell into my ears.Toe started tapp'n and fingers started snapp'n.I'll live again once more in the light of day.Thanks Led Man for a breath of fresh!!!

Reviewer: Borough33
This CD is bloody marvellous. I don't buy any lp/cd's these days unless its something really good "I mean really good" and this chap Led Man with his album called Golden sounds really excellent.

A great album.
Reviewer: descolada99
A great album. Reminicient of nick cave with a dash of beck and moments of a bit harder rock thrown in for good measure. One of my favorite new finds.

R.I.Y.L.: Leonard Cohen meets Cake meets Frank Black.
Reviewer: Monk (click for website)
Like the crazy funked up offspring of Leonard Cohen and Cake, Los Angeles' Led Man jump from the gate with "hooks" that will leave you like a fiend wanting more. Each song balancing skillfully on a sharp groove, the disc spirals into a surplus of blues influenced rock grounded in friendly, nearly pop licks and warm vocals. "Golden" is an audio book crammed with easily accessible, highly addictive licks, nicely packaged. If you pursue Led Man further than this review, your time with us will not be ill spent. R.I.Y.L.: Leonard Cohen meets Cake meets Frank Black.

"This is a very interesting album to listen to, as it's so distictly different f
Reviewer: Indie Launchpad (click for website)
I think the first thing that struck me when I first put this CD in the player was "Low Rider" by War, I think it was, both in the funky music and the even funkier vocals. I quickly realised that this was going to be something a little different. With 16 tracks, this would almost certainly have been a double album in the old days of vinyl. I've been very into vinyl of late and there's something very retro sounding to this album. It's almost like the 70s Stones and Tom Waits got together and had a baby. I'd throw a bit of Iggy and Bowie in there as well, but then that picture just starts to get a bit too messy, so let me shake my head like an etch-a-sketch and proceed. This is a very interesting album to listen to, as it's so distictly different from nearly everything I've heard so far this year. The production and music on this album are top notch, but it's the gravelly, Gaulloises induced vocals that really set this album apart. Standout tracks for me are the opening track "Was it Hard", "My American Scream" and also "18 Hours", which has a vague resemblence to the classic Doors song "The End". Conclusion : This is one of those great albums, to turn up loud while you are busy at home, or would be if you didn't have children that complain about loud music, I always thought that was meant to be the other way around.

Reviewer: Mick Hubbard, MFV Radio (click for website)
This CD is bona-fide art! A Great example of talent running loose when you let it all come out to it's full potential. I recommend you buy this CD and play it often!

"This has to be one of the best CD’s I have reviewed in a long, long time."
Reviewer: Andrew Allan, Kangar Radio (click for website)
Led Man: Golden (February 2006 Spotlight) I was reading the notes to this CD, I expected more or less lots of hype and no substance… What a surprise I got This has to be one of the best CD’s I have reviewed in a long, long time. I love when a group cannot be defined by other artists and have there own sound. I am at a loss to say how this group sounds as the lyrics and the vocals and all aspects are unique. My best way to sum up this disc is simply to say to you is go out and get a copy !!!

Amazing album!! - Pixies meets Beck
Reviewer: Wendell G.
This is hands down one of my favotite albums of 2005. Ledman's style is hard to pin down - they are some sort of Pixies/Beck/Velvet Underground cocktail.

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