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Le Sexoflex is an unsigned electronic/rap/comedy group from Atlanta, GA, USA (which they often refer to as Buttlanta). Members include: Miss Lady Flex, Princess Genius, Vas D, Peep Peep, and Master Dong who was replaced by DJ Homosexual.

On Le Sexoflex's Myspace influences are listed as, "Peaches, CSS, !!!, Billy Squier, Buttless Chaps, Jock Straps, Working Out, Early 90's Madonna, Alcohol, World Issues, Social Studies, Health Class, "Slave 4 U" era Britney Spears, Cartography, Bjork, Bananas, Tastykakes, Baked Goods, Furpiles, Jiggle Jams, and Puddin Cups." Le Sexoflex describes their sound as Gigglebox Electrosex.

Le Sexoflex was previously named Insane-O-Flex due to the contribution of vocals from Dana Swanson (Miss Lady Flex) on the song "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)" featured in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007) which had a robot named Insanoflex. In an interview on Pecanne Log, Dana Swanson expressed Le Sexoflex wanted to distance themselves from the image of an "Adult Swim band," but also, "fully embrace the marriage of hot jazzercise and sweet, sweet sex…so the name’s now Le Sexoflex."

Le Sexoflex sometimes refers to their fans as "flexholes/flexxxholes" and other variations of the word. Le Sexoflex often uses the tag line "The sexiest band in the whole motherfuckin' world y'all!" as well as the motto "Sex, Butts, Food." Le Sexoflex has referred to themselves as the abbreviated LSOF, as featured in a video by, in which Vas D and Miss Lady Flex audition for Dollywood.

Le Sexoflex first gained notoriety for the video for their song "Marriott Cock Squat" which was filmed and directed by Hagan Pie (Merrill Hagan) at Dragon*Con 2008. This video was featured on the television program Attack of the Show on the G4 network in March of 2009. The song itself made its debut at Dragon*Con 2007.

In the same year, Le Sexoflex debuted their first free mixtape entitled, "Le MiXXXtape: Invagine the Pussibilities," which was recorded and produced in 2009 in Atlanta, GA and released on July 28, 2009. The song "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)" was re-edited and renamed "Booty Gay" for the mixtape. The album cover features Miss Lady Flex licking a pink-red lollipop.

August 26, 2010 marks the day Le Sexoflex released their first non-mixtape recording, "Marriott Cock Squat - Lord of the Cock Ring REMIXXX," mixed by the Baron and Orlando Bloom.

They released the song "Necrosex" on October 28, 2009 and advertised it as "The official jam of Halloween 2009."

They then released "Chubby Decker Value Meal" on March 16, 2010 as an extended play album for the re-edited single "Poop on Face" which also included a music video filmed/directed by Jason Demarco and Tom Bingham. A Chubby Decker is a burger from the restaurant Zesto, it is coined as Atlanta's Original Double Decker. The album cover is Vas D biting into a cake-replica of a Chubby Decker created by Elan of Looking Glass Cupcakes.

On October 27, 2010 Le Sexoflex released a "Twincest" single album entitled "Twincest Maxi Single," which also included a music video which was directed by Daniel Garcia and produced by Jason DeMarco. The album cover features Peep Peep and another man with mouths covered in noodles and a red sauce.

On February 14, 2011 Le Sexoflex released the last maxi-single from their "Invagine the Pussibilities" mixtape entitled "Juiceboxxx Maxi​-​Single" for their mixtape track "Juiceboxx." The album cover features Princess Genius about to sip on the straw of a yellow-green drink. On October 27, 2011 a video entitled, "GET CLOSER TO THE PLANTS" was released on Vimeo as a teaser for the "Juiceboxxx" video. The official video was released on December 08, 2011 on the same site. The video features the band's friend Chuck McCarthy as an obsessed fan, who alongside Jennifer Nies, created the video.

On December 29, 2011, Le Sexoflex released the single "Tractor," an ode to their, "Father Figure" Tractor (DJ Clarknova), who produced their first mixtape. The track music is by Siriusmo and The Baron. Tractor is Jason DeMarco who works as a producer/writer for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.

January 12th of 2012 saw the release of, "She Cold," the second single not based from "Le MiXXXtape: Invagine The Pussibilities." They debuted the song the previous day on The Mobius on WREK Atlanta 91.1FM, explaining the meaning of the song by saying Vas D sometimes would express thoughts like, "She (meaning "it's") cold, she broke, or she ain't working." Also the single was meant to be thematically appropriate for the cold weather soon approaching, which they worded, "As the temperature drops, our single will drop."

In 2013 a lot of changes came, including Vas D no longer being a main vocalist due to being, "…in space." Master Dong was also replaced by DJ Homosexual (DJ Homo). On March 19th the new mixtape they had teased was in the works was released as a debut album entitled, "The Naughty Contest," which as previously referenced in songs, they are the "…motherfucking winners of." Previously released singles "She Cold" and "Necrosex" were also on the album the latter of which was renamed to include it featuring Vas D.

They released a music video for album track, "Suck Dick, Eat Cheetos", on March 26th, directed by David Bonawits. It featured footage taken with fans at a special show in Atlanta.

They has a farewell show at their homebase, Atlanta, GA, which they said would be their last performance.

On September 23rd they released a single they said they had debuted at their last show entitled, "Delta Safety Video."

Le Sexoflex has claimed to have been the ones responsible for the flowers that were shown hitting Lady Gaga in the head during a performance as shown in several Youtube videos and Tumblr pictures. The pictures suggest the flowers had a copy of their mixtape attached. They also e-mailed Perez Hilton about it.

Their mixtape can be downloaded from their site and links to other music, free songs, videos, and social media sites can be found there.

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