• mystery of iniquity

    7 Feb 2008, 1:36 de bribbon

    so okay, call me slow on the uptake, but i heard this song just last week. i downloaded a bunch of lauryn hill songs on my phone, and was on the bus when "mystery of iniquity" came on.

    i rode the entire hour i had with my mouth wide open and my eyes trying to outdo my mouth. couldn't stop pressing the repeat button, playing the song over and over again.

    now, i knew that kanye sampled the chorus of a lauryn hill song for "all falls down." but i didn't know it was this one. but i get it now, why ms.hill wasn't so willing to let kanye sample her song.

    no matter how good "all falls down" was, it will never touch "mystery of iniquity." personally, i don't think another artist will ever come close to this song.

    "song." it's funny, i hate to describe this particualar track as just a 'song.' cuz it's not just a song, its . . . an inspiration. not just because of the subject matter…