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"Laurie Ann Haus has a fabulous voice that has the ability to reach deep inside of you." - Benoit Jutras (Cirque Du Soleil's composer)

"Todesbonden use the beautiful voice of Laurie Ann Haus on top, and create tranquil and floating music for the ear." - Webb (The Lodge Review)

"The addition of Laurie Ann Haus to the lead vocal department is the immediately noticeable feature about the band. Her vocals are both operatic and dark …. Laurie is obviously professionally trained, and she is able to bring much more to the music than any other female vocalist I've heard." - Nathan Pierce (Ultimate Metal Webzine)

"Singer Laurie has a intriguing, beautiful soprano, which adds a lot of longing to the compositions. Her vocal lines are at the first sight not that complicated, though she's not afraid to use her voice in different ways and experiment a bit." - Marta (Cursed With Oblivion)

Musical History

Operatic Experimental Soprano Laurie Ann Haus began her performance career as a backup vocalist for Rain Fell Within (Dark Symphonies). Her classical training suited her well for the band's musical style. The wide range and ethereal beauty of her voice was first recorded in "Passing Time" (Refuge album). Simultaniously Laurie played live keys, and sang back up vocals with the band Garden of Shadows (Earache/Wicked World Records)

After Rain Fell Within disbanded, Laurie's musical world blossomed. Laurie joined former Rain Fell Within band members as lead vocalist to form Ephemeral Sun, an experimental, progressive metal band. In line with the band's free form ideals, Laurie experiments with a wide range of singing styles, ranging from world music to classical. On top of working with Ephemeral Sun Laurie is working on other musical projects:

- Autumn Tears - a neoclassical, dark-wave project on Dark Symphonies Records, as a solo, background vocalist on their last album, Eclipse, and upcoming album.

- Todesbonden - a Renaissance, Celtic, World influenced doom-metal band created by Laurie. The band's full length, Sleep Now, Quiet Forest will be released in 2007 through Prophecy Productions

- Ol Sonuf - a classically influenced black/power/doom metal band created by Jason Wood (ex-Rain Fell Within, ex-Ephemeral Sun) in which she will being doing solo and back vocals alongside Jason.

In the near future Laurie Haus will recording an atmospheric solo album, drawing on her wide experience with Indian, Middle Eastern, Bulgarian, Mexican, Celtic, Old English folk, European Renaissance, Western classical, and ethereal rockmusical traditions.

Laurie Ann Haus - Past and present

* April 2007 - Orfeia - Laurie joins this Balkan Women's Choir directed by the Wammy award winning Balkan singer Tatiana Sarbinski

* January 2007 - Autumn Tears - Laurie completes lead vocals for the album The Hallowing

* January 2007 - Azure Emote - Laurie completes session vocals with this industrial death metal band

* 2006 - Nest - Laurie contributes spoken word to this Finnish Naturewave band

* August 2006 - Ephemeral Sun - Laurie leaves as lead vocalist to pursue other musical endeavours

* 2005 - Present - Todesbonden - Forms full line-up, starts playing live and writing material for next album

* 2004 - Todesbonden - Records Todesbonden's EP Stormbringer

* 2004 - Autumn Tears - Laurie contributes vocals to the Autumn Tears album Eclipse album

* 2004 - Ephemeral Sun - Records Broken Door album

* 2004 - Ephemeral Sun - Featured on the Dead Can Dance tribute The Lotus Eaters by Black Lotus Records

* 2003 - John Battema - Laurie records vocals for the song "The Windrunners of John Battema' solo album

* 2003 - Anomalous Feather - Laurie contributes session vocals to this project created by Kevin Thomas (Rain Fell Within)

* 2003 - Ephemeral Sun - Records Prototype 19.5 EP

* 2002 Ephemeral Sun - Laurie joins on as lead vocalist

* 2001-2002 - Garden of Shadows - Live keyboardist and operatic vocalist

* 2001-2002 - Rain Fell Within - Live backup vocalist and lead + backing vocals on "Passing Time" of the Rain Fell Within's album Refuge

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