• Listen as I describe the best concert I’ve ever been to

    13 Apr 2006, 19:34 by CortJstr

    Sit back now and listen as I describe the best concert I’ve ever been to. It was June 21, 2002 at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD.* The show was billed as Rock & Wrestle 2002 with Kelly Bell Band and Laughing Colors billed as “co-headliners” and Margret Heater opening. But everybody knew that this night was all about Kelly. I feel the need here to explain that Kelly Bell is a man, KBB is a blues band, LC has almost a classic rock sound, and Margret Heater is an all-male punk band. I have no idea where their name came from as I hadn’t seen them before and haven’t seen them since.

    It also needs explaining that Kelly Bell is a pro-wrestler with Maryland Championship Wrestling.

    I went with my then-new girlfriend (this was like our 3rd date) with neither of us quite knowing what to expect. I’d at least seen KBB and LC before whereas she’d only heard them on CD. When we walked in the first thing we noticed was a 20’ wrestling ring set up in the back of the room with a couple of TV cameras around it. …