• Album Review: Labrinth - Electronic Earth

    17 May 2012, 03:28 by hoolytoledo

    Alright, so here's my first review for this site! I'm quite anxious, but why shouldn't I given the fact that I don't think anyone will read this, but if I were to ever see an insight from another person, expect the fact that I will be quite shocked, as in O_o, BUT IN A GOOD WAY!

    When I think of reviews I think, Oh, those really smart-ass, so called "writers" for such hipster blogs like Pitchfork, or write oh so professionally from like EW or Rolling Stone. Truth is, I'm a simple guy who occasionally listens to music as do everyone on this site does, but always has an opinion about music. Think about it . There are many people who approach music in different kinds of ways. There are people who are just obsessed with a particular artist and generally just loves to scrobble the nutsack out of that one particular artist, there are others who are just low-key, and listen to music simply because they enjoy it, while there are others who view music as a journey of their life…