• Ginger at TJs

    10 May 2009, 10:06 by DiamondDave

    Fri 1 May – Ginger, Laika Dog

    A trip across the Severn Bridge again, this time heading to Newport to catch sometimes Wildhearts frontman Ginger at TJs.

    Obligatory alcohol related comment: If I weren’t driving I’m sure I would have very much enjoyed a couple more bottles of Old Peculiar.

    Opening were a young punky band by the name of The Sharks, who bore a rather large resemblance to The Clash. They did suffer from the usual young band problem, that they haven’t really got enough of an identity yet, but on the whole they were an enjoyable enough act to kick things off. Not a perfect performance, and they will need to work to avoid being another pretty interchangeable punk band, but they’ve got the tools and the potential.

    LAIKA DOG, the band featuring former Terrorvision frontman Tony Wright, aren’t too different from his old band. Catchy hooks that combine pop sensibilities with a rock edge. There’s nothing really outstanding – or controversial – musically, but a good way to spend a support slot…
  • 06 May 2009: Ginger + Laika Dog + Dear Superstar - Seven, Nottingham, England, UK

    7 May 2009, 12:35 by livemusicreview

    06 May 2009: Ginger + LAIKA DOG + Dear Superstar - Seven, Nottingham, England, UK

    When Junktion 7 closed down at the end of last year I feared for the future of live music in Nottingham. Thankfully, somebody saw sense and rebooted the venue and here I am back at, the renamed, Seven for another Ginger gig.

    Other than the name, nothing much else has changed, and the venue remains probably the best small venue in the city.

    For once, due to unprecedented levels of organisation, a little luck and deliberately ignoring the fact that the Champions League semi-final second leg was on the Telly, I found myself in the venue before the first band had started.

    Dear Superstar were enthusiastic, slick and...

    Wed 6 May – Ginger, Dear Superstar, Laika Dog