• Well, top 15...

    9 Mar 2008, 14:43 by Dii

    Post your top 15 bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    1. ayumi hamasaki
    First: [trackartist=Ayumi Hamasaki]no more words[/track]
    Love: [trackartist=Ayumi Hamasaki]evolution[/track]
    Favourite: [trackartist=Ayumi Hamasaki]Who...[/track]

    2.Koda Kumi
    First: [trackartist=Koda Kumi]D.D.D feat. SOULHEAD[/track]
    Love: [trackartist=Koda Kumi]Cutie Honey[/track]
    Favourite: [trackartist=Koda Kumi]Cherry Girl[/track]

    3. L'Arc en Ciel
    First: [trackartist=L'Arc en Ciel]Dearest Love[/track]
    Love: Dearest Love
    Favourite: [trackartist=L'Arc en Ciel]flower[/track]

    4. Olivia
    First: [trackartist=OLIVIA]a little pain[/track]
    Love: a little pain
    Favourite: [trackartist=OLIVIA]Devil's in me[/track]

    5. Disney
    First: uuh, I don't remember, problaby songs from Lion King
    Love: [trackartist=Disney]The Lion sleeps tonight[/track]
    Favourite: [trackartist=Disney]Colors of the wind[/track]

    6. Rurutia
    First: [trackartist=Rurutia]ABINTRA[/track]