• good evening

    2 May 2008, 20:50 by dannniel

    there's a first time for everything.

    i hope to use this regularly to post news about dead pilot and drone poets, as well as for new musical discoveries/purchases.

    i can see it drifting off into the far corners of my mind very quickly though. or perhaps not.


    dead pilot records is a short run, diy/cdr label run solely by myself. so far there has been releases from Operations, A Genuine Freakshow, Cam Deas and Stray Ghost. there is a split series in the works too, the first of which was between two masters of drone/noise, Red Needled Sea and Appes. in the works is a re-release of a stunning free download album by Lähtö,Shadows Of What We Were (Re-Release) . in actual fact, that is out in a matter of days. it features 3 bonus tracks and the first 20 versions come with a set of photographs by Lähtö himself and special artwork by my friend James Laurie. due out out also in a matter of days is a wonderfully diy/lofi acoustic album by Me With Others. after woulds is an album by an amazing artist, The Doom Riot. …
  • Top 10 of 2007

    24 Jan 2008, 19:58 by flintxxx

    Not that it matters, but here are my top ten for 2007:
    (In no specific order)

    Stendeck - Faces
    Jatun - Jatun
    Jesu - Conqueror
    Near The Parenthesis - Of Soft Construction
    port-royal - Afraid To Dance
    Bola - Kroungrine
    Boy Is Fiction - Boy Is Fiction
    Hecq - 0000
    Kiln - Dusker
    Lähtö - Shadows Of What We Were

    eluvium - copia.....haha just kidding, fucking overhyped bullshit
  • 2007 - Another Year In Music

    30 Nov 2007, 19:30 by ArtVandelay1


    1. Stars of the Lid – And Their Refinement Of The Decline

    Some people might argue that Stars Of The Lid’s unique work hasn’t changed much over the years. But listen closely, and you’re likely to notice the progression in their compositions. Without ever telling you what to feel, these delicately crafted sounds are able to evoke a whole range of different emotions, depending on each listener. Every little change becomes a grand and sweeping event and despite its common classification as background music, it demands your full attention.
    This is, without a doubt, the most compelling and rewarding listening experience I’ve had this year.

    2. A Broken Consort – Box Of Birch

    I read about Richard Skelton and his Sustain Release label in some Wire issue about a year ago. Although my interest was piqued, I completely forgot about him until I came across this release on ‘The Cookshop’ blog. Needless to say, I was in awe and craving for more after being sucked into this magical world for the first time.