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    30 Jun 2011, 07:38 by ijolism

    Mon 27 Jun – Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Tour 2011

    I can't believe no one here came to watch her!! What is with you people?! It's Kylie Minogue for the love of God!!

    The show was amazing, as expected. Her performance, the stage, the dancers, the dresses, they were all utterly fabulous!! I wish she sang her songs from Fever era more, since I grew up listening to it, but it was okay since she sang lots of my favorites<3

    so here's the setlist:
    • Overture. I believe it was Speakerphone, I was thrilled to the fact that this song started to play but it turned out to be just overture, oh well.
    Aphrodite. I kinda knew she would sing it in the first place. Love love this song<3
    The One
    Wow. Another personal favorite, I love how she made it different from the recorded version. WOW WOW WOW WOW<3
    Illusion. Aphrodite was one of my heavily rotated album last year so I was singing along to every single song off of it lol
    I Believe in You
  • Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

    21 Aug 2010, 21:25 by tevu_psyduck

    E o que dizer sobre Aphrodite da Kylie Minogue? Mais uma das obras-primas da música pop/dance do ano!

    E nesse post, serei um pouco diferente! As músicas da Kylie me deixam meio perdido, pois, dependendo do meu estado de espírito, elas me afetam de maneiras distintas! TENSO! Por isso sou um psyduck! *quack*

    Todas as músicas são ótimas! Todas são muito dançantes!
    Mas as melhores são:

    • Aphrodite. Essa música me faz sentir como se estivesse no exército de Afrodite, loucamente!
    • Get Outta My Way remete um sentimento de liberdade! A letra é fantástica e os arranjos são demais!
    • Can't Beat the Feeling tem milhares de arranjos retrôs e eu amei! É uma das músicas dançantes que falam de amor no perfeito 'estilo Kylie'!
    • Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love). Perfeita! A Kylie inclusive agitou um netmob (aloka!) retwittando todo mundo que pedia pra ela levantar a mão por "cidade x" no mundo!
    • All the Lovers é muito boa também! O clipe foi perfeito, sendo o primeiro single desse álbum. Love is in the air!
  • Review: Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

    7 Jul 2010, 22:38 by michielVmusic

    Review: Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite: Once again a decent pop-dance album.

    After three years of silence from Minogue’s side, she is back with an new album. On the cover of her new effort, called ‘Aphrodite’, she looks better than ever. But does she also sound better than ever? First single All The Lovers (and the stunning video) created high hopes for me, but Kylie’s other albums could never really get me from start to end. So will Aphrodite do it for me?

    Let’s start off by talking about the title-track, Aphrodite. In this powerful tune she sings about being confident and feeling mighty like an Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. And that is what this song and also the rest of the album is all about. Kylie sounds very sexy when she sings and comes across more powerful and confident than ever, especially in the song Aphrodite. She feels good and the whole world must know it.

    The album starts off with the more than brilliant single, All The Lovers, which is for sure one of the best songs in her career…