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There are two Kryptiks the rapper and the horrorcore group

(1)Kryptik emerged on the Underground rap scene early in 2006, however is no stranger to the music. He has been an avid supporter of underground music for most of his life, influenced by the likings of Esham, ICP, Twiztid, the Wu-tang Clan, and Cypress Hill just to name a few. Disgusted with the lack of ability and creativity displayed in the Mainstream music industry these days, he decided to take matters into his own hands and make the change from spectator to innovator. He began developing his career in 2002, studying the workings of the underground, observing and soaking in all the knowledge he possibly could. He has spent the last 3 years writing, polishing his skills and perfecting his craft, carefully planning his debut. When he was finally ready, Kryptik exploded on the scene with hurricane force. His music style is one that can not be labeled by any other genre, constantly changing up from track to track, so he decided to pioneer his own style in which he calls “East Koast MurdaRap.” Kryptik’s music is filled with pain, anger, violence, and sick humor, with shocking lyrics presented in an intelligent manner. What separates him from other artists who speak of similar things is his extensive vocabulary and the creativeness of his delivery. He considers himself a “Wordsmith,” with the ability to manipulate the English language and present his sick thoughts in a way that keeps his listeners interested. This has not only earned him a fan base of many “Juggalos,” fans of underground legends I.C.P. who love this type of deranged music, but has also earned him much respect from his peers, other underground rappers who recognize his skill as a lyricist.

The release of a 5 track demo which has been dispersed in mass quantities at literally every underground show on the East Coast this past year has propelled him to the top of the underground scene, developing a fan base and earning respect as a legitimate artist who is making a name for himself. An internet radio station by the name of CrypticRadio.com (no relation) got hold of one of these demos and immediately put Kryptik in steady rotation. In one week Kryptik received more plays and requests than any other artist in the history of the station, earning him a nomination for “Artist of the Month” which he won by a landslide victory. Soon after Kryptik was featured on numerous other radio stations and sites such as Rotten Radio, Blackboxx Radio, and Faygoluvers.net “Songs of the Week.” The track “Down 4 tha Cause. . .the MurdaRap Anthem” has become an instant underground hit, with a hook that has the entire crowd chanting at every show.

The only way to truly experience Kryptik is to see him perform live. Unlike other rappers, a Kryptik show is an actual SHOW, not simply getting on stage with a microphone and rapping. Each individual show he plays is carefully planned, from the set list, to the stage set, to costume changes and surprises that keep the crowd on their toes. The live DJ and animated “hype-men” add to the performance and give anyone in attendance a show that they’ll remember and talk about for a long time. Kryptik’s debut live performance in Plymouth, MA helped to draw a crowd of nearly 300, developing a fan base in MA and surrounding states that follows him to every show. His volunteer “street team” of dedicated fans who support his music is steadily growing with every performance. He has been put on shows in CT, MA, and RI, showing that he has the potential to become a national act. Most recently, Kryptik was added to the bill to open for underground rap legend Tech N9ne at the Webster theater in Hartford, CT. It was Kryptik’s first time ever playing his home state or the Webster. Buy the day of the show he had personally sold 67 tickets to generate over $1000.00 in revenue for the venue and earn him a spot on the main stage.

Rather than having the goal of being signed to a record label like many artists, Kryptik decided to do things on his own. With the start of his music career also came the start of his self-owned and operated record label, F.T.I. Records. From music and video production, to promoting and booking, to a full line of merchandise, F.T.I. Records has a team of dedicated individuals who believe in Kryptik’s music enough to offer him their services, cutting out the need for outside assistance from the Industry. This is the whole premise behind F.T.I. Records, to be completely independent and to provide the fans with true music that is not tainted by the limitations of the Mainstream.

To sum it up, Kryptik has patiently sat back and waited for his time to emerge and make himself known to the world. Now that he is here, the underground will never be the same. He puts 110% of his heart into every thing he does, every show, every lyric, every little flier or sticker. No matter what it is, he strives for perfection and is his own biggest critic. His fans mean more to him than his own music, and so he takes the time to individually acknowledge every single one of them, and will continue to provide them with the music they’ve longed for since the death of the radio. Come see Kryptik live, and you’ll begin to understand how much love he has for music, and how much he enjoys providing the crowd with a memorable experience. He is not the average rapper, and he is not the average performer. In Kryptik’s opinion, average is boring. Average is the same 30 songs on the radio about 24 inch rims, platinum chains, and going to the club. Average takes no skill, no creativity, no intelligence. Kryptik’s music is far from average, just listen for yourself.

(2)2 MCs who shared a common interest in life, horror flicks. We did the regular
hip hop thing and decided to add some entertainment to the game and incorporate our
love for the horror movie genre into our music. We are not trying to come at you with
a reality angle, because what Stephen King writes is fiction as is our music and we know
that. KryptiK contains 2 MCs, Komatose (from Omaha, NE) and Rukus (from Long Island,
NY) and have been doing the horrorcore thing since '99. We have released 5 full albums
since 1999, "Temple of the Dead", "The Dead Hate the Living","A Tale of 2 Killers"
"Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things", and "Left Overs". The newest offering from
the duo is "The Splatter Pack Double Feature" which ties into thewhole horror movie theme.
It contains 2 CDs, Komatose "The Last CD on the Left" and Rukus "An Evening to Dismember."
The pack also includes pair of movie tickets complete with times and admission forboth CDs, a promotional movie
poster for the Splatter Pack Double Feature, a souvenier metal oil lightercontain the bands logo
and name, plus a few odds and ends from the labels catalog. KryptiK is one of the few serious
horrorcore groups out there. If you've come here hoping to find faygo, clowns and carnivals
you need to look for another group. If you've come for something dark, twisted and gothic, you've
chosen correctly. Enjoy the tunes…

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