• solipsistic NATION No. 107: !K7 Records

    12 Sep 2008, 16:13 by solipsisticast

    As a former Bostonian, living in San Diego can be difficult. Especially during the fall.

    When I lived in New England, for example, the seasons served as cue as to what I be drinking for the next several months. When summer came to Boston I would begin drinking rum and cokes or gin and tonics. They were light and effervescent. Just the sort of thing to keep you cool during the hot and humid summer months. When fall crept in I would switch over to Guinness, whiskey and scotch. They were comfort drinks to get you through the endless winter months.

    In San Diego I lack those clues. On, there is a change in the seasons but it’s subtle and to my New England blood it might as well be spring all year round. So what to drink?

    I also have a similar problem with music. In the spring and summer it makes perfect sense to listen to The Ramones but once fall kicks in The Ramones seem kind of dumb. …