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  • A More In Depth Guide to Death Metal

    24 Dec 2007, 15:40 by 399796kms

    A More in depth guide to Death Metal

    Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback to my
    Previous Guide So based on that I decided to come up with another guide, this one more intended for more "experienced" or "intermediate" fans or for beginners beginning to wade in more deeply. Regardless of your status, I hope you discover some new bands through this. All of these bands listed are in no discernible order other than how they appeared in my beer loving mind:

    Entombed: I was debating whether or not to include them in the first guide and some commented that I should've. So why not get it out of the way. Entombed
    were one of the first Death Metal bands to emerge from Sweden, before Gothenberg, there was the Stockholm scene. Also called the Sunlight Studios sound,
    based on the studio where many of these bands recorded albums. Basically, when I think of a heavenly (hellish?) guitar tone that I want to emulate on my own,