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Computer and electronics musician, performer, improviser, composer

Turkish composer / improviser based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a founding member of Islak Kopek, Turkey's pioneer free improvisation group. He performed and had compositions played in radios, festivals in Turkey, Austria, Australia, Holland, Germany, Finland, Ireland and the UK. He performed telematic concerts over Skype in Germany, Spain and the US (New Mexico)

Korhan approaches computer performances from a conventional instrument approach. He refrains from using many sound layers and frequency ranges in order to leave space for acoustic and electric instruments he plays with. He also plays melodica and Cracklebox in ensemble performances. For his solo performances, he augments the computer with other sound sources, such as analog electronics (modular synths, guitar effects, oscillators, digital effects). He plays his computer instruments similar to a conventional instrument player - the laptop is the "sound body" and the "resonators", the controllers are the "exciters". The screen is occasionally used for monitoring software status and is not used as a part of the performance, thus avoiding the typical look of the laptop musician, staring at the screen all throughout a performance. He uses Wiimotes and a iPod Touch as the "fretboards" for his instruments.

Korhan's compositions blend industrial sounds, found sounds, abstract sound textures and acoustic instruments into sound collages. He is currently working on new instrument designs on Audiomulch and Ableton Live that will enable him to create instant compositions and sound collages for solo and group performances as well as playing with dancers, video artists. One such project is called Ses Duvari, a collaboration with video artist Ilknur Büyükberber.

Korhan has been recording with Islak Köpek and other improvisers since 2006 and plays on the following releases:

Islak Köpek / Islak Köpek (2008)
A.K. Müzik

Islak Köpek / One year later, two years ago (2009)

Umut Caglar & Korhan Erel - Music for Walkie-Talkies #2 (2008)

Oguz Buyukberber / Umut Caglar / Korhan Erel / Florent Merlet - twentyeight-twelve-twothousandandeight (2008)

Kevin Davis / Korhan Erel / Umut Caglar - 3/o (2009)

Spam Victim - Spam me senseless (on-going album project)

Korhan has played with the following artists:

Alexandra Reill, Artur Vidal, Attila Dora, Christian Asplund, Dilek Acay, Dirk Stromberg, Ecotone Experimental Theater, Elektronik Kumpanya, Erdem Helvacioglu, Han-earl Park, Ilknur Büyükberber, Jaakko Kämäräinen, Jaakko Savolainen, Jesse Ronneau, Jonas Kocher, Karlheinz Essl, Kevin William Davis, Kirstie Simpson, Lasse Kaikkonen, Le Quan Ninh, Markus Wenninger, Mary Margaret Moore, Michael Fischer, Michel Doneda, Nora Volkova Ensemble, Oguz Büyükberber, Richard Nunns, Robert Reigle, Sebastien Branche, Sevket Akinci, Sumru Agiryürüyen, Talin Büyükkürciyan, Tolga Tüzün, Tom Soloveitzik, Umut Caglar, Veronica Tadman, Volkan Terzioglu, Yanael Plumet

Gearlist (for those gearheads out there)

Computer and Software:
Macbook Pro 15” C2D 2.53 Ghz, 4GB Ram running Ableton Live, Max for Live, Audiomulch, OSCulator, SPEAR, Amadeus Pro

Audio interface:
MOTU Traveler

iPod Touch running TouchOSC
Nintendo Wiimote and Nunchuk
Korg Nanokontrol
Novation RemoteSL 25

Analog and digital electronics:

Doepfer / A-100 small modular system (7 modules)
Jomox / T-resonator
Flower Electronics / Little Boy Blue
King Capitol Punishment / Utopia Synth
Audible Disease / Rupture RP-2
Digitech / Grunge
Copilot FX / The Android
Electroharmonix / Deluxe Memoryman
MXR / Blue Box
Boss / RDD-1 Digital Delay
Korg / Kaosspad 2
Danelectro / Fish&Chips EQ

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