• Kick Off The Jams

    20 May 2006, 13:59 by helikoppter

    Quite recently I found out about Kick Off The Jams - a CD with live recordings from the Korea/Japan Independent Label Festival 2001 released by Japanese Captain Trip Records. With some interesting artists being featured on it and the price being very reasonable (for a Japanese release that is) I decided to make a purchase.

    The CD comes packaged in a cheap, thin carton LP style cover with obi. A folded festival poster is included and on the back is a list of band members as well as a tracklist.

    First out is Korean Kopchangjeongol with a ten minutes long improvisation version of 가나다라마바사. I had never heard anything from Kopchangjeongol before, but after listening to the guitar, the drums and Yukie Sato singing "Kanadara-Mabasa" a couple of times, I'd love to hear more.

    Next comes Korean Oh! Brothers. I never liked them much, as I never really liked rock'n'roll, but they did surprise me in being slightly better than I had expected. …