• A Magic Combination

    6 Jun 2008, 08:24 by Sakkle

    I just recently started playing Age of Conan and the game has been OK so far. Performance issues and bugs aside, what really struck me about the game however, is the music. Norwegian composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen has spent close to 4 years of his life bringing the world of Hyboria to life, and I have to say he did a remarkable job. Each region has its own distinct musical style; the Stygian music is clearly influenced by North African and Arabic music, the Cimmerian music has a more Celtic fell to it and the Aquilonian music is more classically orchestral.

    This is all well and good, but what really makes the soundtrack shine in my opinion, are the tracks featuring Norwegian pop/folk singer Helene Bøksle. The combination of Haugen's powerful music and her beautiful voice is truly magic. If you are going to listen to just one track of the album my recommendation would be Field of the Dead, a majestic and beautiful piece with Bøksle's voice as the high point.