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With the album Polyphonic Beasts Expand In Parallel (s/r Aug 2011), Knotted Cord's solo band member Northern California-based multi-instrumentalist Rebecca Keehner expands on the dreamy fragmented minimalism of the band's first release Moth-Shaped Flame EP (s/r Feb 2011) with denser compositions, elastic rhythms, layered guitar and bass melodies and dissonant noise, analog keyboards and loops, and emotional and chaotic drums. Vocals are a layer of instrumentation—often flowing in and out of instrument sounds, lyrics relate to dreams, tension, out-of-body experiences, parallel realities, and coinciding occurrences. Ongoing insomnia while writing and recording contribute to the frenetic energy and psychedelic dreaminess of the album.

Track descriptions:

01 Cosmic Aggressor: Raw guitar parts and a drawn-out melody, comes together with beastly growling bass halfway into things, then gets nearly pretty. Drums are exploding feathers in a pillowfight. Mostly instrumental, has jazz qualities.

02 Daydream With Gravity: Hot psychedelic meltdown.

03 Unseeing Is Disbelieving: Prog- staccato guitar and bass rhythms with advancing and retreating drums, long jazz study in restraint. Oddly pretty vocal harmonies.

04 Dissolution: Dark echoey building repetition, then sharp guitar shredding chaos, then a drum catastrophe.

05 All That You Destroy: Yelling, glass breaking, samba beat makes appearance, violins, looped tone bending.

06 Glory Say Golden Hello: Peaceful mellow sunshine rhythm and harmony. Gospel.

07 Disarmingly Handsome Interference Pattern: What it says, and comes together in the end. How the disarmingly handsome men devastate Rebecca's fragile brainwaves. Pitchwheel, organ, tambourine, blips, moving wall of sound.

08 When You Next Materialize: Slowly sinking into a pit of warm molasses, then a sugar-induced trip while immobilized, with horns. Effects loops, airy untraceable forwards and backwards vocals, bass line maintains your link to reality.

09 Stoic: Epic climax with hand claps and everything. Anthemic guitar, rapid arpeggio keys, drumming overflow.

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