• Seen Live

    30 May 2012, 22:28 by BlackRoseKilla

    Including great gigs, crap gigs, DJs, local bands, tribute bands, openings, guest appearances and everything I had the fortune or the misfortune of seeing live. Some gigs I've seen in their entirety, some only 1 or 2 artists, depending on what I wanted to hear. I should note that I've seen many more local bands and such, but I can't remember everything.

    Seen Live:

    evil pony + Đubrivo
    ● 01.10.2010., Klub Jungla, Split, Croatia

    Bajaga i Instruktori
    ● 18.03.2011., Spaladium Arena, Split, Croatia

    Wanted King (Elvis Presley tribute band)
    ● 08.06.2011., BET caffe, Split, Croatia

    Mjesni Odbor + Hladno Pivo
    ● 14.10.2011., Spaladium Arena, Split, Croatia

    Parni Valjak
    ● 04.11.2011., Spaladium Arena, Split, Croatia

    Letu Štuke
    ● 05.11.2011., Quasimodo Klub, Split, Croatia

    The Beat Fleet / TBF
    ● 19.11.2011., Spaladium Arena, Split, Croatia

    Tom Jones
    ● 21.11.2011., Arena Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

    Officer Down + Krešo i kisele kiše + Pasi
    ● 25.11.2011., Klub Kocka, Split, Croatia