• IsidoreFerris' 20 Favorite Albums

    24 Dec 2008, 09:47 by IsidoreFerris

    These are my 20 all-time favorite albums. These are the albums that have some of my favorite songs on them, and that I can’t stop playing. So here they are! My 20 favorite albums.

    Artist: Guy
    Album: The Future
    Label: Uptown/MCA
    Release Date: 1990-11-13
    Genre: New jack soul/R&B

    “Bow to the masters of fashion…”. Teddy Riley, Aaron & Damion Hall return for their 1990 sophomore effort, The Future. With Teddy on production duties, and with slow jams such as “Let’s Chill”, “Smile”, and “Tease Me Tonite”, and with fast songs such as “Teddy’s Jam 2”, “Gotta Be A Leader“ (the song of which the opening statement of this paragraph comes from), and “Let’s Stay Together”, this album is my all-time favorite, an essential for fans of New jack swing.

    Personal Favorites from this album: “Let’s chill”, “Teddy‘s Jam 2”, “D.O.G. Me Out”.

    Artist: Outkast
    Album: Stankonia
    Label: Laface/Arista
    Release Date: 2000-10-31
    Genre: Rap & Hip-hop