• Fairies

    30 Oct 2005, 13:49 by PRAEst76

    Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen/Kid Montana/Jules et Jim)pointed this out earlier on the Weathermen list.

    It's a rather excellent licenseware Puzzle game he's just done the audio for. Amazingly relaxing thing it is too. Perfect for a sunday evening. In-game voices and singing on the title track are by Julianne Reagan (All About Eve/Gene Loves Jezebel/Jules et Jim) and I think between them they've done a fantastic job creating an atmosphere for an excellent game.

    Basically you have all these faeries trapped in jars and you have to release them and you do this by matching up three or more jars of the same colour. The game has multiple modes, so you can play against the clock and get stressed completing increasingly difficult levels or you can play it without the time limit and just relax matching up jars. Sounds boring but for some reason I spent the whole demo doing just that and let my tea go cold.