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Kicks joy Darkness was formed in 1999 and destroyed in 2001. After making a name for themselves in the London underground music scene, recording an EP and playing various live gigs, the band went to Italy to Alberto's home studio to record their debut album. Two months later (on November 8th, 2001), three members of the band (Anno, Alberto, and Lee) were killed in a car crash while driving back from a club in Milan. What material of theirs remains is a testament to their incredible talent and their dedication to the forwarding of music as we know it. To hear about the full story, and to view/download tonnes more music, writings, and photos of the band, go to www.kicksjoydarkness.co.uk. The website has been kept up and running by their families and friends and is a tribute to and a rememberance of KjD.

Kicks joy Darkness were

-> Lee Citron - Bass Guitar.
Before joining KJD, Lee played bass with 'French Car and the Bolemic Wizards' from '94 - '97. In '96 he joined 'Stony Sleep' who were already signed to 'Big Cat Records'. They toured extensivly throughout the UK and Europe to promote the album 'a Slack Romance'. They worked with Chris Cunningham on the video for 'Lady Lazarus' and appeared on many television and radio shows including 'the Jooles Holland show', 'the Big Breakfast', 'the John Peel show' and some cable thing. They were reviewed by most of the London Music Press including the Evening Standard, Kerrang, NME, Melody Maker, and Metal Hammer (also some French and American publications. He played in two side-projects: 'Judge Death' with Bishop Dante and 'the new telepathics' with D. Harkness. Citron and two of his band members died in a car crash in Italy in Italy, which also meant the end for the group.

-> Alberto Mangili - Drums.
Alberto had played in several Italian bands before he moved to London. These include 'Uragano', 'Feel Hippy and Grumpy' and a project with Bruno Santori and Max Numa. He has frequently appeared in the Italian Music press, including 'Radio Populare', 'Buscadero' and 'Telethon'. He has gigged extensivly in Italy and played at the 'S.Remo Giovani' festival. In 1998 he moved to London to attend the 'Powerhouse' music school. He was named 'Student of the Year 98/99' and appeared in 'Rythm' magazine. He played on three songs with Milla Jovovich, Solon Bixler and Anno in Berlin, May 2001.

-> Billy Scherer - Guitars/Vocals/Words.
Billy moved to London from Texas in 1996. He and Anno have played together in many bands since then, including 'Midstream' and 'Durango '95'. Both bands played frequently in London. In early 1998 Billy returned to Pittsburg where he spent the next year. He returned in 1999 and he and Anno formed 'Flying Mango Attack' with Lee Citron and Christian Smith (Both from Stony Sleep, Smith later went on to play in Razorlight and currently Serafin, while also maintaining a side project called French Car and the Bulimic Wizards which saw frequent collaborations with members of Smith's various bands, past and present.) Stony Sleep recorded one album in December 1999, before the band split up again. In January 2000, Scherer and Anno worked in LA with Milla Jovovich and Solon Bixler on a few songs. They held meetings with Tony Berg (V.P, A&R Virgin Records) and then decided to return to London in order to play with Lee again. In the summer of 2000 Kicks joy Darkness was formed.

-> Anno Birkin - Guitars/Vocals/Words.
Anno formed his first band 'Midstream' in 1994. They gigged frequently in London (though rarely were they re-booked) until the summer of 1996 (Billy joined early that year) when they split. New members were enlisted (including the magnificent J.S Rafieli) and 'Durango 95' was formed in October 1996. They split up a year later and for two years Anno played by himself. He also worked with various other musicians, most notably Andy Cooper of 'the leeches' who produced much of his stuff and recorded many demos. Around this time he formed a strong creative partnership with Milla and they wrote and recorded a number of songs together. They collaborated again in Berlin in May 2001 with Alberto and Solon Bixler. He and Billy spent time in LA writing/recording together on two occasions during Billy's exile. But … London calling.

taken from http://www.myspace.com/kicksjdarkness

official website http://www.kicksjoydarkness.co.uk

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