• Reset

    13 Jun 2008, 14:01 by Saegl0pur

    I just reset everything! :) Clean start. Lots of the high played stuff got there inadvertantly anyway, i will try and show more of what i enjoy listening to from now on, rather than what gets played on my iTunes, by being picky and switching iTunes OFF when i go away from the computer, haha!

    The first song that i will scrobble, appropriately is Reset by Outkast (with Khujo Goodie and Cee-Lo!) from Big Boi's half of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (way better than Andre 3000's half, no offence André)

    anyway, Cee-Lo is always great with Outkast. Liberation from Aquemini is the best.

    Anyway, bye!