• Doddodo at Saiin Music Festival 08/08

    13 Aug 2008, 02:18 by djgizmoe

    Well, there's really no way to take my two-year old son to a full-day of musical events, but the Saiin Music Festival seemed to be a good compromise between family-friendly and 'relevant' tunes to enjoy, and everything was free, so that was that. So the wife (Miwa), the son (Alex) and I headed down on the Randen street-car for a little enjoyment. After picking-up a discount ticket to Shizuoka (to see my pal George visiting from Hawaii), we hopped down to Starbucks for some acoustic guitar and coffee.

    KEN-NYE played for a bit, but Alex got restless, I got a little bored and Miwa had a hard-time keeping her eyes off his unusual neck waddle, so we left after 15 minutes or so. There was Doddodo chilling outside Tsutaya "unko-sawari" style, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. I introduced Miwa and Alex and she said hi. Then we went into to wait in Tsutaya, where Jilly with ドイタケオ was just finishing up here mellow, reggae-inspired set (a Keyco in training, that). …
  • Reviews: HIFANA, Vincent Atmicus, Masanori Suzuki

    11 Jun 2006, 12:22 by djgizmoe

    Yet more reviews from the Japanzine archives:

    Channel H
    W+K Tokyo Lab

    It’s been a long two years since Hifana’s breakthrough debut, Fresh Push Breakin’. In the meantime, we’ve been inundated with J-hip-hop hybrid mediocrity of the crappiest sort (Holy Jesus, please save us from Orange Range). Take heart alterna-b-boys. After a spin with Hifana’s newest album, I’m stoked to report that the dynamic duo of Japanese “it’s not hip-hop, it’s electro” has not been idle. Effortlessly flowing from Coldcut-esque breaks through Okinawan techno-soul and finally into abstract trip-hop, Channel H is hands down the best album of the year. Just hearing Keyco get all Ryukyu on us during the freakout on “Namplooh” is worth the price of admission alone. Everything from the kick-ass gatefold packaging, extensive color booklet and accompanying DVD screams quality; the DVD especially, a 40 minute extravaganza of mind-boggling live footage, psychedelic animation and killer videos (“Wamono” and…