• 2008 So Far

    23 Dec 2007, 01:34 by theaprildecca

    Bomb the Music Industry - Get Warmer
    This Album is really really really fun. I checked it out from the Quote/Unquote label that basically lets you download for a donation including free (I need to cough up for this) and it's really a great record. It far surpasses their previous output that was kind of okay. Plus the song "Unlimited Breadsticks, Soup and Salad Days" is such a great song. Probably song of the year for 2008. Technically an '07 release but I want to put it on '08 to give it a shot on the '08 top ten.

    Defiance, Ohio - The Fear The Fear The Fear
    Again, technically a 2007 release but this album is just too good for 2007, so it's going in 2008. An early contender for one of the best albums of the '08, The Fear the Fear The Fear is what I was hoping The Great Depression would be, but wasn't quite. This album is well recorded, very energetic, and much tighter then anything the band has put up. They stuck with No Idea and will hopefully remain as independent as they have been up to this point in the future. …