• MySwamp, 2nd take

    18 Jul 2008, 11:04 by nefolk

    TWRCH TRWYTH on MySpace

    As some of you might (not) know, our first (and well-meant too) attempt to create a profile (~weedmagick) on Myspace was terminated by the uneuphorically puritanical administration within 2 hours. Hopefully, this one will last. We do fucking hate the optional abuse on some (mostly, personal) myspace pages that would freeze the whole system (especially, when you have a slow orcputer), so did boycott this social portal for years. However... We're in it for the fame (now, diabolical, eh?)!

    Stay turned...

    Greve Gollum

    p.s. and, yes, we couldn't have dreamed of a 1st friend that would be more SEX ind33d <369

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