• KMFDM in Glasgow

    4 Jul 2010, 10:53 by Yuri_S

    So KMFDM's tour of Europe pretty much finished up in Glasgow yesterday. Absolutely amazing, epically brilliant show. This band has so much presence on stage, it's unbelievable. They played all the right tracks too. It's undeniable, KMFDM know how to rock out. Next time they are here I'm definitely going as well.

    List of tracks from the gig:
    Saft Und Kraft
    A Drug Against War
    Sturm & Drang
    Bait & Switch
    Potz Blitz!
    Hau Ruck
    Son of a Gun
    Looking For Strange

    I may have missed out one or two. Lets hope Front Line Assembly put on a show of similar proportions.
  • Yes... I'm bored

    13 Dec 2009, 08:06 by My_Sharona

    Your first words were?
    I do like being home.. LOL

    When you fell down from your bike, what did you say?
    Catch (Live Bootleg)
    The song talks about falling alot. HaHa

    What does your friends think of you?
    Corona Radiata
    I don't know what to say

    What do you think about your friends?
    Spank Thru (live)
    What's with these songs?

    What was the first thing you said to your crush?
    guess if I had a reason too

    What was the first thing your crush said to you?
    Saft Und Kraft
    Being that I have a ton of this band, they are going to come up alot

    How did you respond?
    No Memory
    HA !!!

    What did you say when your best friend and you were having a fight?
    Manic Aeon
    Being that I'm Bi-Polar it actually makes sense

    What is the line that describes what you’re feeling?
    Again... What??

    What is your message to the world?
    Before my time lol

    What was the first thing you said in your wedding vows?
    It's in German LOL

    What did your husband/wife say on their wedding vows?
  • Никакой жалости к большинству (KMFDM)

    22 Jul 2009, 15:47 by El_Pachito

    Сб 18 Июл – KMFDM, Trauma Pet, Leech Woman, AlterRed
    Добрался с друзьями в 6 вечера, как и было заявлено в билетах. На входе стояло человек 20 в татухах / заклепках и тп. Вокруг Академии народ в майках от Rammstein, Ministry, NiИ и тп заряжался пивком.. Внутри уже начали играть Leech Woman. Что они делали и что пели было не ясно в связи с тем, что было не понятно. Отношение к Industrial они миели скорее всего из за драм машины. На сцене 3 парня рычащие на гитарах под записаную фанеру.... Короче - писец.
    Спасло пиво. Следующими вышли AlterRed. Сразу понравились первым треком Emily (страничка на myspace). Ну и плюс действие на сцене. Какой то волосатый механик расставил живых кукол, переодически их переставлял, потом трахнул одну из них, вырвал у неё внутренности в виде шестеренок и удалился. (они потом тоже:)). Расстроило то, что у солистки не работал микрофон. Вероятно было бы ещё интереснее.
    Последними разогревали публику (если не считать пиво разогревом) TraumaPet.
  • Review: KMFDM + support, Islington Academy 18-Jul-09

    20 Jul 2009, 13:17 by amodelofcontrol

    Sat 18 Jul – KMFDM, Trauma Pet, Leech Woman, AlterRed

    The early start - doors at 1800 - meant that Leech Woman played to a half-empty room, which was a damned shame seeing as this was billed as their last gig in the UK for some time - main man Alex is moving abroad. There was no room for sentiment, though, as LW roared through half-an-hour or so of their industrial-noise-metal fury as if they were attempting to destroy the very foundations of the building they were playing in. A good thing I had my earplugs with me, I can tell you - but despite the extreme volume the sound was surprisingly clear. Their cover of Big Black's Kerosene made all the more sense, too, when I thought about it - Leech Woman remain one of the few bands to have followed a similarly uncompromising line to Steve Albini's noise-rock legends, making no attempt to conform with any passing trends, and indeed that is perhaps why they were somewhat unfairly at the bottom of the bill here.

  • Set List 9/12/07

    13 Sep 2007, 22:37 by rivetkitten

    So my first show of the semester was fairly awesome. Since the show wasn't streaming, I wasn't expecting a lot of listeners. But I got one call from someone saying that WDUB had made his day two days in a row- first yesterday with Hunter's metal show, then tonight with me playing industrial. Awesome. Also, when I left the station tonight, I heard classical music. That means that the WOSU NPR station was coming through, which means the radio was tuned to 91.1, which means that the staff of Slayter (the food area) was tuned in! Also, someone who is in my Spanish class made (non-rude) hand gestures at me through the window. And one of my roomies was a guest DJ for an hour, and has decided that she needs to listen to my music more. (Yes!)

    And now, the set list. As always, * denotes a request.

    Without Emotions
    Yu-Gung (Adrian Sherwood mix)
    Be My Druidess
    There Is No God
    *Your Best Nightmare
    *Saft Und Kraft