• Music for kids...

    Apr 23 2010, 22:33 di SomeAbsurdNerd

    Okay, this has really bothered me for some time now, but alas, I'm barely getting to it now. I'm sure everybody here knows how important music can be, especially for kids. So, being a preschool teacher, I've got an occasional ear out for something that could be good for the kids.

    So anyway, I've noticed somewhat of a trend, if that's even the right word, concerning music targeted at kids, and it is called KIDZ BOP Kids. Basically, what these kids do is make cover versions of popular songs, all geared towards kids. Now, don't get me wrong here folks. I have no problems with introducing that kind of music to kids. Hell, there's a good bit of music that I would love to play for my kids. The only problem that I have is their choice of songs. Some of them are rather mind-boggling.

    First, the song 1985, a cover of Bowling for Soup's 1985. Most of the kids that would listen to this weren't even born in the 90's, let alone 1985. …
  • Top 100 Geographically as of 9/10.

    Set 12 2006, 1:46 di Screendoor

    I think I counted correctly. Some artists count for more than one area, boosting the US by a little bit.

    United States x64
    --Minnesota x17
    --New York x9
    --California x9
    --Washington, Illinois x4
    --Massachusetts, Tennessee x2
    --17 other states at x1
    New Zealand x 13
    England x9
    Canada x3
    Australia x3
    Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, Germany x2
    Japan, Colombia, Sweden, Czech Republic x1

    1. Low - Minnesota
    2. The Chills - New Zealand
    3. R.E.M. - Georgia
    4. Sepultura - Minas Gerais
    5. The Bats - New Zealand
    6. The Replacements - Minnesota
    7. Talking Heads - Rhode Island/New York
    8. The Clean - New Zealand
    9. Devo - Ohio
    10. U2 - Ireland
    11. Straitjacket Fits - New Zealand
    12. Ween - Pennsylvania
    13. Sonic Youth - New York
    14. Hüsker Dü - Minnesota
    15. Bailter Space - New Zealand
    16. Muse - England
    17. Semisonic - Minnesota
    18. POLYSICS - Japan
    19. Hank Williams - Alabama
    20. 3Ds - New Zealand
    21. Sunny Day Real Estate - Washington
  • American Idol, of all things.

    Ago 11 2006, 21:53 di mlnrgefan3

    I've never been a huge fan of American Idol. All of my friends usually tune in every time it's on and they watch it from auditions to the season finale. With me, it usually stops at about halfway through the top 10 because my favorite contestant always leaves.

    I suppose I don't have much luck with choosing a winner as my favorite, probably because I always fall for the nerdiest one (John Stevens, John Peter Lewis, Anthony Federov, etc.) and I can't help it. So then I end up just being dissappointed in the end. As if I actually thought they would win.

    And yet, I waste my time pressing redail over and over again for the biggest loser of the top 12 when I really should be going to sleep. About two seasons back, I learned my lesson and stopped watching after auditions. I was incredibly traumatized after the cutest guy in the world sang a song from The Lion King and didnt get to go to Hollywood. I hate Simon, I hate Randy, and I really hate Paula.

  • Another Music Survey YAY

    Apr 12 2006, 0:11 di justinrotnluk

    Answer the questions by putting your player on random. The song is the answer.

    Story of my life?
    Title: C Is for Cookie
    Artist: Cookie Monster
    Comment: ok… dunno what this means lol

    How does the world see me?
    Title: Rainbow
    Comment: No comment ;)

    How do my friends see me?
    Title: Phantom Of The Opera
    Artist: Jvstin "Joho" Choczlery
    Comment: They see me as the phantom of the opera, or as myself?

    How is my life going?
    Title: Gay Boyfriend
    Artist: The Hazzards
    Comment: Wow

    What's the best thing about me?
    Title: Picture
    Artist: Kid Rock Ft. Sheryl Crow
    Comment: I do take a good picture 

    Will I have a happy life?
    Title: Country Grammar
    Artist: Nelly
    Comment: Hot shit , down, down baby, drugs, it doesn’t sound good

    How can I make myself happy?
    Title: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
    Artist: Sesame Street
    Comment: Counting to 12?

    What should I do with my life?
    Title: Only the Good Die Young
    Artist: Billy Joel
    Comment: Does this mean I have to be bad?