8 Oct 2011, 13:56 by mynystry

    Sat 1 Oct – Judas Priest

    No puedo resistirme a adelantarles la conclusión de esta mi reseña del concierto de Judas Priest del hace un par de días: ¡CONCIERTAZO!


    Llegamos al auditorio Telmex por ahí de las 8:30 pm, el lugar se veía tranquilón, los revendedores de boletos se veían algo estresados, y es que los del auditorio anunciaban que tenían aún boletos disponibles para todas las zonas. ¿El concierto final de Judas Priest y no se lleno el auditorio? Eso me parecía muy extraño.

    Ya entrando al auditorio fuimos, como se dice, "a lo que truje chencha"; así es, directo al stand de cerveza por un par de negras modelos de barril de a litro, sí señor. Y una vez equipados fuimos a buscar nuestros asientos. Originalmente teniamos lugares para platea de a pie, pero pues después de una larga historieta (la cual no contaré para no aburrirlos) terminamos en la zona de butacas, casi hasta adelante del lado izquierdo. …
  • "Like a complete unknown, like a Last.fm milestone"

    14 Mar 2010, 07:10 by MateuszJ89

    Last.FM Milestones1000th track: (26 Feb 2006)
    Wham! - Wake Me up Before You Go-Go
    hm... pierwsze tysiąc kawałków i od razu taka wtopa... :) cóż, to mi w duszy grało AD 2006... świetny kawałek, naprawdę :) niezapomniany element każdej 18-nastkowej imprezy (z cyklu, "no ja się bawiłem doskonale"). Lubię i słucham do dziś. Proste a jakie skoczne i radosne. Cóż, czasem właśnie o to w muzyce chodzi...
    2000th track: (21 May 2006)
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus
    Tarkus... Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Pamiętam, że kupiłem tą płytę na szkolnej wycieczce do Amsterdamu. Magnum opus grupy? Nie. Tu bezwzględnie wygrywa "Sałatka Mózgowa". Ale utwór świetny, utwierdził mnie w przekonaniu, że muzyka może być sztuką. Do dziś zastanawiam się jak ta trójka muzyków potrafiła zrobić na scenie tyle "hałasu". …
  • Top 50 Survey

    19 Jun 2008, 00:22 by RyanGarwood

    I - How did I get into 30?

    Mom actually played this one in the car on a trip from Purdue and told me if I liked shitty hair metal, this was a must.

    She was right.

    II - What is the first song I ever heard by 22?

    Probably "Ballroom Blitz" watching Wayne's World.

    III - What is my favourite lyric by 29?
    Sonata Arctica

    Truth be told, my favorite Sonata song is a cover of a kickass Scorpions song, so I'll have to go with my next favorite, "FullMoon" from Ecliptica:

    She should not lock the open door
    (run away run away, run away)
    Fullmoon is on the sky and he's not a man anymore
    sees the change in him but can't
    (run away run away, run away)

    Not especially deep, but it's an infectious chorus.

    IV - What is my favourite album by 49?
    Chris Isaak

    My favorite album is Forever Blue. It's the only one I have (that's not a Best of), but it's very moody.

    V - How many albums by 13 do I own?

  • Quiz/Survey thing

    11 Nov 2006, 14:42 by rjgexplode

    Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm:

    1.Papa Roach
    2.Blind Guardian
    3.Judas Priest
    4.Children of Bodom
    6.In Flames
    9.Iron Maiden

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    what was the first song you ever heard by 6?:
    Behind Space

    what is your favourite album of 2?:
    A Twist in the Myth

    what is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?:
    "All she needed was a Champion
    Crying for a saviour to fight for her life"
    From The Champion

    how many times have you seen 4 live?:
    Never :( Would love to though. Nearly saw them at Unholy Alliance II, but many of my friends couldn't afford it, so we decided not to go :(

    what is your favourite song by 7?:
    It's either Dragon Of The Sea or Day Three: Pain

    what is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?:
    Emerald Sword is definetly my first experience of Power Metal, and probably one of my first rock/metal songs too. …
  • My 20 favourite songs

    8 Jul 2006, 23:57 by Toony

    yeah,I'm bored,so I decided tto update my list to 20 songs,theyre still mostly Iron Maiden songs XD

    1. Sign of the Cross
    Overlooked by many fans,this song is one of the best songs in existance. The lyrics are interesting and the music is a genius mixture of slow and fast and also of classical and heavy elements.The instrumental is simply the best one ever made and the overall atmosphere is brilliant. It's bad that so many fans don't know this song,because its the best song i can imagine.

    2. The Trooper
    This all-time classic is my number 2,it couldn't defend its 1st place against the Blaze-era epic. The sound and the intruments are genius and the lyrics are intelligent,its impressive to get all this into a song thats just 4:11 minutes long.

    3. The Longest Day
    I knew from the first note on that this song has the porential to enter my list,I was just thinking on which place.I decided that its capable to reach the pwness level of Killers. …
  • My latest bought album VOL. 5

    28 Jun 2006, 17:43 by Iceman24

    And in this episode I'm going to talk about:


    Painkiller was released in 1990 by the British heavy metal band Judas Priest.It received a Grammy nomination for "Best Metal Performance".

    The album begins with the songPainkiller. Avery fast track in which singer Rob Halford sings in a some sort of strange but cool voice. It's a fast song. After that, good songs follow. On number 4 is Leather Rebel. One of the best songs on this record, allthough no other song comes close to the two best on this album. Night Crawler and Between the Hammer & the Anvil. Two very powerful tracks. Then again some good songs follow. Since I have got the 2001 edition, it includes two bonus tracks. One of them (Living Bad Dreams) is a wonderful slow song.

    All in all a superb Metal album. I really have to buy more stuff of theses guys.
  • Weekly Top Artists,,, 30th April - 7th May

    10 May 2006, 18:39 by Jc1990

    Well, I have resorted to a journal entry, 4 months since the last one. However, this one is slightly less bandwagon, I think... Or at least I have contained some of my opinion. :D

    I'm just gonna run down through this weeks top artists, giving some comments about them, since I'm so fed up of revision!

    10. Divinity - 13 plays

    Recently I've been experimenting with music I can listen to while revising, without getting distracted by Distorted Guitars. Being a total newbie to the ambient genre I didn't really know how to go about this, but I found Divinity through some of Michiwaka's other projects, Roomful of Emptiness and Frozen Silence.
    He has made some really nice soundscapes here, I especilly like Second Awakening and Gathering Dusk, the second one seeming quite mysterious to me... The Album Artwork is inverted here as well, so I think its supposed to sound dark like that.

    10 (also). Judas Priest - 13 plays

    Judas Priest... …