18 Feb 2006, 19:24 by mjbc87

    So the night wasn't starting off to well. I had "odd timing for chores" as my girlfriend said, and I was a little late. Traffic was so annoying you'd want to shoot someone in the throat, and we were going to miss our reservations to one of the best restaurants and my personal fav, Fonda San Miguel. However, after a bit of frustration, indeed, ALOT, we arrived, were seated right away and enjoyed a wonderful tasty dinner. We got to the concert, had a good parking, bought shirt in OUR SIZE as soon as we walked in and the rest was just Flipping awesome. He was hands down the best musical performer/performance I have seen yet. For those of you who know who Juanes is and like him, you would have been thrilled to be at his concert last night. It was at the Bass Concert Hall, which is still beautiful (havent been there since 4) and we had a great view. We were on the first balcony, first row. The concert hall isnt that big so he didnt look like an ant, and had a view of the entire stage. …