• More Music from Last Year

    7 Jan 2013, 17:13 by l3xforever

    Another year, another music library update!

    First, a couple of things that happened since my last post. For one, another Game Music Bundle happened (which was underwhelming). And then iTunes Store expanded to Music and Films in a few countries, including Russia. And I am still amazed how Apple manage to make one thing right and then completely fuck up ten other things.

    Now onto actual album coverage! As usual, a lot of cover art follows.

    General Music
    The Very Best of Enya (Remastered) - ★★★☆☆ - iTunes
    As I've been poking iTunes Match, I decided to bring up some old rips of Enya albums. And while I was at it, I bought this album to fill the gaps of missing songs, since I wasn't paying any attention to her career lately. Not bad album, lots of remastered tracks. But it is crazy how many different versions of the same album you have on iTunes Store!
  • Spoils of Past Six Months

    7 Jul 2012, 12:38 by l3xforever

    Today, on this hot sultry day, I have a couple of hours to share my thoughts on bunch of music I got in last half a year. Most of it was from wonderful Game Music Bundle, but I also got some other interesting stuff. So, let's start with it.

    And as alway, beware of lots and lots of album covers in this post.

    General Music
    Barbara Helfgott & Rondo Vienna
    Maniac Violins Vol.1 - ★★★☆☆ - 7digital
    I actually bought it for a friend of mine, but I got to listen to it and it's pretty good. My only complaint is actually a vocals in some of the tracks. It's not on par with the violins mastery.

    骨董店 『Mystique』 ~或る画家の肖像~ - ★★★★☆
    So what do you know? I actually got to sort out my physical Audio CDs and the 骨董店 『Mystique』 album that I was importing last year turned out to be a limited edition single! #50 at that. …
  • 2010 в релизах.

    4 Jan 2011, 12:37 by mintai

    После долгой борьбы с ленью решил всё-таки подвести итоги прошедшему году.
    Мнение сугубо субъективное, и не претендует на истину в последней инстанции.

    Эскалада - Зачем всем врать 8/10
    Вот такой вокал по мне! Хороший, качественный материал, только вокалист по громкости местами теряется на фоне всего остального. Отдельно порадовала песня про прораба, круто, когда музыканты не слишком заморачиваются над чрезмерной серьёзностью альбома =)
    Баланс одного - Смерть становится силой 8/10
    Сильно, красиво и вызывает уважение. Следующие его две работы, вышедшие в прошлом году не пропёрли настолько, насколько эта, но тоже были весьма неплохи.
    The ParaNoiac - Новый мир 4/10
    Качал под впечатлением от их альбома "Сны сбываются". Но этот прослушался как-то незаметно, вроде что-то около часа звучало из колонок, но что это было - хрен его знает.
    In Mourning - Monolith 8/10
    Красиво, технично, действительно серьёзная вещь! Слушать вдумчиво, не отвлекаясь. …
  • Projects

    13 Nov 2007, 00:15 by whelchelphd

    Hey all, and welcome to what I'm going to be using as my work-related blog.

    For those curious, I am planning on creating a website where fans may download a majority of my music for free, as well as putting this music on last.fm. Keep your eyes open under Josh Whelchel. I have already released the The Spirit Engine OST soundtrack for free download on last.fm, with a full collection readily available here: tse.syntesis.org.

    In addition to this stuff, I've been writing music for The Spirit Engine 2, and some other projects (some free, others not). That's about it for now, keep your eyes open (: