• Time for an update, isn't it?

    9 Jul 2007, 03:28 by shadymind

    I've always thought it was interesting how people's tastes evolve. A year ago at this time, I was listening to Honestly, Tourniquet, Almost, Acceptance, Jimmy Eat World... definitely more pop influence. Although I was attempting to get into indie (because I had just started to read Questionable Content... yeah, definitely proud of that), but I was nowhere near recognizing any of the bands my more indie friends discussed.

    Six months ago, I had definitely gotten into indie stuff a bit more. Although my top played song from that time was Brass Bed (and I have to admit that is a freakishly sweet song), I was starting to like The Weepies and Cat Power and Explosions in the Sky (and Leigh Nash, but we won't go into that.)

    Whereas a year and a half ago, I was still very into my Hellogoodbye, Fall Out Boy (SO HARD, Dance Dance was me and my boyfriend's "song"), Switchfoot, Relient K phase. That seems like ridiculously long ago, actually. I wasn't even sixteen yet. Weird.

  • 62 Songs That Are Worth A Listen--June 11, 2007

    11 Jun 2007, 18:02 by onyourmind

    This Heart Is a Stone by the Acid House Kings

    One of the many groups that my close friend Sam introduced me to over the past few years. This is potentially my favorite song of theirs and has some very clever play-on-words lyrics that make me smile every time. The Acid House Kings are clearly a twee pop band from Sweden but they sing in English. They’re fun to dance to and easy to sing along with and if you like twee pop, you’ve gotta try listening to this song!

    “They say your middle name is trouble…But I know it's Caroline! They say you remind them of problems…But I think you look like Audrey!”

    Rehab by Amy Winehouse

    If you’ve been alive these past few weeks and listening to the radio, I’m sure you’ve already heard this song. If you’re dead, if you hated the song, if you think she’s black, if you like souuuuul, if you like Joss Stone’s voice but think she’s pretty bland and if you want to be cool, you MUST listen to Amy Winehouse. …