• el Tao

    15 Jun 2011, 16:15 by Candombo

    El hombre sabio es como la naturaleza, que sin hacer nada no deja nada sin hacer.
    Jorge Luis Borgeshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3shlilZRZSc
  • Stephen Emmer

    18 Sep 2007, 12:15 by Dreameress

    During a broadcast of Radio 2, they played a song of Stephen Emmer. Finally, I found some music that I've been searching for.
    Poetry and voices set to music. Haven't heard something like this before, but maybe Spinvis comes closest to it.
    The music comes from the cd Recitement, and provides songs in seven different languages, according to the Radio interview.
    Such a shame: it's not released till october 2007. Takes too long, to me.

    From the site of Recitement:
    Recitement: Are you ready to listen? This music wants to talk. It's a cd where classic and modern spoken word is performed by famous writers (Allen Ginsberg), singers (Lou Reed) and actors (Richard Burton), but then reinterpreted in a fresh way to compose new and orginal music to each vocal performance. A kind of Rap 2.0 but then created the other way around: first the text, then the music. You could also call it Spoken Word Goes Pop where poetry becomes a filmsoundtrack, classic prose rap&rock and travelstories become jazz or chamberpop.