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Imagine floating on the surface of the ocean, letting the sound of waves gently
relax you. A flock of seagulls passes overhead as you begin to hear the strong,
slow heartbeat of the Earth Mother. In the distance, you become aware of the
sound of the rolling Om of the Earth Father, as a choir of angels begins to sing
an ancient melody, lulling you into deeper peace. Dolphins appearand surround
you, laughing and playing, singing their songs of joy around you. You lie there,
receiving the sound energy from these very special messengers of light and love,
bathing in the wonderment that is life. This is the purpose of DOLPHIN DREAMS.
In the fall of 1987, my wife Karen became pregnant. At her fifth month, we began receiving
signs to investigate the communication possibilities between humans and dolphins. We
considered a dolphin assisted water birth in the ocean in which dolphins would assist in the
birthing process, protecting the mother and infant, and enhancing their consciousness. It is
said that once the child is born, the dolphins circle the mother and sing the child's 'birth
song'. It is a lovely concept. However, after some examination, it became apparent that unless
we could travel to New Zealand or the Soviet Union, a dolphin assisted water birth was not
possible at the time.

During a meditation, the idea occurred to me that perhaps it would be possible to create
a sonic environment that would contain the energy of a dolphin assisted water birth. DOLPHIN
DREAMS is the result of that and other similar meditations on how to create this environment.
It contains the sound of dolphins, angelic choir, ocean, sea gulls, heart beat, quartz crystals
and rolling Om. It is designed not only for pregnant women, birthing mothers and infants, but
for anyone wishing to experience and explore the consciousness inherent in interspecies

This has felt like a guided project since its inception. VVithin a day after deciding to create
DOLPHIN DREAMS, I contacted Toni Gudish, who volunteered to send the "delphonics" (a
term I have developed to mean dolphin sounds) of Joe and Rosie, two bottle -nose dolphins
(Tursiops truncatus), activating her heart center with sonic energy. These are the major
delphonics heard on this cassette, though there are additional wild dolphin sounds as well.
Shortly after, I met Igor Smirnov. From the Soviet Union, Igor had worked for 5 years with Dr.
Charkovsky, the scientist who pioneered underwater birth. The cover artwork which Igor created
for DOLPHIN DREAMS is the result of the physical and psychic contact he had with dolphins
during that time.

Dolphins belong to the order of the Cetacea, the family of Delphinidae. Since ancient
times, dolphins have been regarded as benevolent beings — friendly to man and beast alike.
The ancient Greeks believed that dolphins were the messengers of Apollo (God of Music and
Medicine). Today, our respect for these aquatic creatures continues to grow as the scientific
and spiritual communities examine the extraordinary potential for learning and consciousness
expansion that dolphins offer us.
Sonics in particular are extremely relevant to dolphins. Dolphins can detect and project
ultra -sonic frequencies as high as 180,030 cycles per second (ten times the frequencies that
humans hear or project). fhey use sound to locate and stun prey, as weil as for communication
and information exchange. Their audible sonics consist of clicks and whistles, and a variety of
other sounds which have been described as quacks, squawks, squeaks, wails, bleats, barkings
and buzzings, sometimes sounding like tropical birds, or like air escaping from a balloon. They
have also been taught to copy human speech.

Certain psychic and spiritual sources claim that dolphins have the ability to create
frequencies which communicate with extra-terrestial consciousness. In particular, the star Sirius
is often cited as being their point of origin. These sources tell us that dolphins are of an ancient
species which aid the evolution of the human race. Mental contact with dolphins before, during
and after a birth is said to stimulate and expand the extra sensory capabilities of children. In
addition, dolphins make sounds for the pure joy of sounding. If we could tap into the
consciousness behind their strange delphonics, it might contain vast knowledge, enabling us
to take another evolutionary step. Certainly, it would also contain much love and joy.
I have utilized knowledge about the effects of sound upon the mind and body while
making DOLPHIN DREAMS. The rolling Om, for example, has been recorded slightly out of
phase on each channel in order to create an extremely low frequency which helps listeners
attune to the resonance of the Earth (7.8 cycles per second — a frequency dolphins also like).
The heart beat is pulsed at around 50 beats per minute to help induce very deep relaxation.
The dolphin lullaby sung by our 'Angelic Choir uses intervals found in lullabies throughout
the world, ideal for quieting infants. If you listen very carefully during peak sonic moments,
you may also hear the tinkling of quartz crystals. They oscillate in the same frequency range
as some of the delphonics and seem to activate the crown chakra center as well.
We hope that you enjoy this tape. First and foremost, we hope it is useful for relaxation,
for birthing mothers, for infants, and for anyone who needs these soothing sounds. Secondly,
wkhope this tape is useful for stimulating aspects of consciousness that will help us create
contact with dolphins, perhaps to assist in the evolutionary development of humankind, just
to understand the pure joy of the delphonics is to open to a new level; this is sound created
for the pure joy of making sound. Finally, we hope that DOLPHIN DREAMS will be useful in
expanding communication between humans and other species, and help create the
understanding that is necessary for continuation of all life on the Earth.

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