• Boa Sorte (Playlist - January 2008)

    2 Feb 2008, 00:16 by websheldon

    Forgot to add this at the time (or maybe it's cos it starts with Leon Jackson that I conveniently forgot ...hehe) I love that song though! I'm a fan of Mariah Carey *and* Whitney Houston but I didn't like When You Believe when they sang it, but I actually love it when Leon sings it. I think his voice sounds rich and, hmmm I just the texture of it. Plus I've been feeling quite positive recently with a good start to the year with jobs etc...

    And you know, as you can tell from the playlist for January - I'm not a music snob by any means. I think if any music pleases someone, or produces some kind of emotion then it's served it's purpose... Even I have shocked myself though by liking a Take That song! It's the last one on here! haha

    Boa Sorte

    1. Leon Jackson - When You Believe
    As mentioned above...

    2. Agnetha Fältskog - When You Walk In The Room
    A remake of an old song. It's sooo positive and it sounds like it might just have been recorded by ABBA with her wonderful nostalgic voice.
  • soul: some of my fav (for dl)

    9 Dec 2007, 13:07 by yusuke1200mk4

    01. "Pretty Bird" Terea
    ----taken from the album "Jazz Bizniz!" (V.A.)

    02. "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" Coke Escovedo
    ----taken from the album "Comin' At Ya!" 1976

    03. "It'll All Come Around" Patsy Gallant
    ----taken from the album "Patsy!" 1978

    04. "Keep It Up" Milton Wright
    ----taken from the album "Friends and Buddies" 1975

    05. "Please Be Truthful" Family Of Eve
    ----taken from the album "Chief's Music" 1980

    06. "Love Call" Ramsey & Company
    ----taken from the album "Ramco Music Inc."

    07. "Simple and Sweet" Ubiquity
    ----taken from the album "Starbooty" 1978

    08. "90% Of Me Is You" Gwen McCrae
    ----taken from the album "Rockin' Chair" 1975

    09. "Be All Your Own" Kellee Patterson
    ----taken from the album "Maiden Voyage" 1973

    10. "Free" Deniece Williams
    ----taken from the album "This Is Niecy" 1976
  • Jon Lucien Leaves Us 18 Aug 07 - Keep Listening Love

    20 Aug 2007, 15:54 by IanAR

    Bob Davis on The Acid Jazz Mailing List said:

    One of my personal favorites.
    This is indeed a sad day.
    More later....
    Jon Lucien died on the morning of August 18, 2007 of respiratory failure and other complications. Jon was one the most remarkable musicians, songwriters and song interpreters that graced our lives

    Rest in peace
    Jon Lucien - Jan 8, 1942 to August 18, 2007

    "I would say my sound is a romantic's's's tranquility."
    Please, click image to vote!
    I've been listening to Jon Lucien's music for over twenty-five years, as a result of his hit - Listen Love (pre- club culture).

    For me, Jon started move beyond a one-hit-wonder context when, five years ago (when he had gigs in London), my friend Bernie insisted I explore his other work. I then bought Mother Nature's Son, but was not impressed - thinking…
  • Bennie Maupin's Penumbra

    10 Jul 2006, 01:41 by beelzbubba

    I've been sitting here listening to this album downloaded this month from eMusic, gently being soothed by the sound of Maupin's bass clarinet and the rhythms of the double-bass and the subtle percussion. The disk starts out with the tune Maupin wrote for Lee Morgan's band, Neophilia.

    The playing throughout is deft, sympathetic, at times swinging and at times quietly romantic. I would recommend this cd to those who appreciate the quieter side of jazz, but in no way should this be called "smooth" jazz or contempoarary popular instrumental, such as Kenny Gee or his phonetic relative Najee.

    The database lists the following artists as related to Bennie Maupin.

    • Prince and The NPG
    • Tyrone Evans
    • Ice Cube with George Clinton
    • Raul de Souza
    • Issac Delgado
    • Hipnotic
    • K.C. White
    • Jon Lucien

      I'm somewhat intrigued by these associations. I don't really ever think of Prince in relation to Maupin. …