24 Sep 2007, 23:04 by thetieninja

    This weekend, I saw Sonata Arctica live at Harpo's


    The set list was fantastic. They opened with Black & White and Paid in Full, and they actually played Tallulah, I was completely shocked by that. And they played all of Gravenimage, it was so cool. Off of Unia they also played Caleb and It Won't Fade, the band was amazing. Elias sounded pretty good, he kept up with the band rather well. Hehehe, he even let Tony jam on his guitar when Henrik was doing a keyboard solo, his pained face was hilarious!

    Three bands opened up for them, all from Canada. Miles Beyond played for a bit too, near the back of the venue. I remember the first band was Echos Of Eternity, I think they mentioned being signed by Nuclear Blast, so they sounded pretty alright. I keep getting mixed reviews from others about the opening bands, but nothing can match the horrors of Johnny Headband. No one can top how bad they were at Electric 6, ever.

  • Electric 6 show

    29 Jan 2007, 02:18 by thetieninja

    I finally got to see Electric 6 last night! Opening up for them was Wolfbait and Johnny Headband, I'd pass on Johnny but Wolfbait was awesome and very metal! Think Dungeons and Dragons meets 80s metal, it's actually a very sweet combination. But the 6 were awesome!

    The opened up with She's White, and it just got radder from there. I was surprised they played Future Boys but it was pretty cool live. They never got too political AND I got to touch Dick! He kept jumping into the crowd and giving everyone hugs, he was right next to me when he asked to be lifted up. The most politcal they got was talking about voting for Bush because they thought it was funny. "Have you guys seen the Last Temptation of Christ? It was kinda like that."

    Valentine dedicated I'm The Bomb to the ladies and Rubber Rocket to the dudes, and squeezed in quite a lot of tracks from all three albums! It was awesome, I love how they closed with Germans in Mexico