• Friends, Planets and Silence

    19 May 2009, 01:30 by esc4p1st

    I recently realized, when one of my best friends moved to London, that I could now go see my favorite bands without too much effort. And my March trip for This Town Needs Guns and Emilíana Torrini definitely left me wanting more. Looking for an appropriate time for a repeat appearance, I came upon adjacent dates for Kyte - the Leicester-based post-rock band who released 2008's best album - and Johnny Foreigner - my most recent favorite in the UK math pop scene. And coincidentally, Swedish screamo outfit Suis la lune were to give one of their rare performances - the first one in a major Swedish city since 2006, I believe - in Stockholm the next day. It was all too good to miss! And I couldn't have scripted it better, each night proving more memorable than the one before.

    This extended weekend of musical indulgence got an early start with Wednesday's Goo Nite club at the Buffalo Bar in Islington. A Last.fm event recommendation, it featured three British post-rock acts, all previously unknown to me. …
  • Review: Johnny Foreigner - Waited Up 'Til It Was Light (2008)

    23 Aug 2008, 21:33 by un_melomane

    The wait was definitely longer than expected, but Johnny Foreigner's debut album Waited Up 'til It Was Light (Best Before Records/Nettwerk, 2008) hit digital stores in the United States today. How's the 'wait' to 'well worth it' ratio? Shortly: !!! The trio's debut goes head to head against Los Campesinos! for debut of the year, in my opinion. However, unlike Los Campesinos! Johnny Foreigner hasn't been getting as much buzz over here. The Birmingham, U.K. group has been the soundtrack for night drives while waiting for the Dunkin' Donuts coffee to kick in. Having Johnny Foreigner accompanying you through either speakers or headphones is like conversing with a good friend; always interesting, spontaneous, and so multi-faceted it puts a diamond to shame.

    Alexei and Kelly form the dual vocal transistors while Jordan lends Casio/drums, creating a unconventionally crafted clash of indie pop and pop punk jabbed here and there with danceability tendencies. Waited... …