19 Jul 2011, 06:11 by plumindustries

    Undomondo is a music blog that supports and promotes good music regardless of genres, periods and geography. Undomondo covers quite a lot of bases from sound art & noise and electronic music to jazz, folk, world music and beyond. Mersenne is from Istanbul, 31, and as well as editing undomondo, is involved in the collective works of a community of artists that run Istanbul’s Mini Müzikhol and do various virtual and physical cultural activities around town. Undomondo also has a regular show on Istanbul’s Dinamo FM.



    1. Kreng – Karcist – Grimoire – Miasmah
    2. Saiji Koto – Old Tape Magic – Luck – Resting Bell
    3. Isnaj Dui – Protective Display – Protective Displacement – Rural Colours
    4. Rambutan – Dislocated Time C30 – Dislocated Time – D’artagnan
    5. Bernard & François Baschet – Marche – Les Sculptures Sonores – FMR Records